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Travel Agency Web Sites: Content

Most travel agency websites fall on a spectrum with regard to their function and content. At one end of the spectrum, the website’s content revolves around the travel agency and its relationship with clients with very little mention of suppliers or specific travel product. At the other end of the spectrum, the website speaks predominantly to travel product and suppliers, with travel specials, supplier offers and promotions being the central theme of the site’s content.

Most travel agency websites fall somewhere between the extremes of the above content spectrum. As I indicated yesterday, the strategic design of the website should be in line with the core mission of the agency. The agency stressing personalized service will want to gravitate more to the relationship side of the spectrum. The agency with a business plan geared to volume and mass market will more naturally orient their site to the product end of the spectrum. Achieving a balance along the content spectrum in line with the agency’s personality is a key marketing element to consider in any web site plan or re-design. Read the rest of this entry »