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Lesson 2: Reciprocity, a rule worth studying

Today’s message brings me back to a time when I was 10 years old.  If you asked me (or a great number of grown men) how they managed to meet their first girlfriend, they would likely share a similar story.

A young boy is introduced to his first girlfriend in the 5th grade at the age of ten.  The reason I know this is because that’s the age we realize that women exist.  Until that point it was all about basketball, football and baseball. (I’m generalizing.)

In all probability here’s how your first girlfriend entered the picture. You were minding your own business at lunch when a friend (let’s call him Jimmy) approaches to give you the latest news. He might say something like, “Hey Mike. I’ve got something to tell you.”  You say, “What’s that, Jimbo?”  He replies with a sheepish grin, “Susie likes you.”

In my case I  replied, “Well, if Susie likes me, I like Susie.”  Then, I looked around the room, paused for what seemed like an eternity before asking Jim, “Which one is she?”  Read the rest of this entry »