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For many, the Chelsea Flower Show is THE garden show to include in any springtime UK garden tour and I’m not going to disagree. However, there are some independent clients who just can’t get away in May because of commitments to their own garden club, and I’ve picked out several alternative events that may well catch their eye.

For those who can travel in May, look also at the garden festivals in France, Ireland, and Scotland and see how they can be combined to create something completely new. Read the rest of this entry »

Four inspirational reasons for UK travel

With the post-Brexit exchange rate holding at its lowest level since the mid ‘80s, fans of English costume dramas will be thrilled by Masterpiece Theatre’s mid-January screening of ITV’s ‘Victoria,’ while Jane Austen’s 200th anniversary will encourage more ‘On Location’ interest in some of their earlier productions.

Staying with the literary theme but blending together David Hockney, Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, James Herriot, and JMW Turner with the ongoing Bronte 200, celebrations programs opens up new opportunities for more creative tours in England’s North Country. Read the rest of this entry »

Some very good reasons for post Brexit UK travel

With economic data showing that the British economy is faring better than many experts predicted from Brexit uncertainty, the exchange rate has gone from $1.47 on 23rd June to $1.31 today; setting up a perfect scenario for a short fuse UK trip.  That said, the news gets even better for enterprising travel agents because everything I’ve listed here will take place all over again in 2017, which gives you a full year to convert at least one of these events into an even more valuable piece of new business. Read the rest of this entry »

While clever people way above my pay grade work out the far reaching implications of the ‘earthquake’ caused by the Brexit victory, as far as our hotels, castles, stately homes, gardens, cathedrals, pubs and tea rooms are concerned, the signs are out everywhere to confirm that it’s very much business as usual.
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All The World’s A Stage

If your local theater stages a Shakespeare season or festival, there’s very good chance that over the past weekend, they may have been marking the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death.  Given that any Shakespeare season attracts good audiences, capitalize on the media coverage by talking to them about a customized London – Stratford – London tour that could feature experiences they may never have seen before.  The market gets bigger when you think of drama teachers and professors who will be looking for an interesting program for their Theater and English Literature students for their Spring Break in 2017. Read the rest of this entry »

Sources of inspiration lead to new sources of profit

What do Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and George Washington all have in common? Linked together, they all become key players in a memorable early July family travel experience that starts and finishes in London.

Major literary anniversaries make great foundations for a customized tour, and in 2016 with the Brontë Sisters, Beatrix Potter, Roald Dahl, and Alf Wight (aka James Herriot), we have four very well known names with which to work.

Don’t be put off by the words ‘Literary Tour.’ With the addition of privately owned homes and gardens and the inclusion of pubs and tearooms, tours to the sources of inspiration for great writers and poets can be informative, entertaining, and fun. Read the rest of this entry »

A cornucopia of English gardens

To mark the 300th anniversary of ‘Capability’ Brown and in celebration of England’s many fabulous gardens, landscapes, and events, VisitEngland is promoting ‘Year of the English Garden’ as a major theme for 2016. As most of the places your customers will want to visit lie outside of London, you now have the opportunity to develop new itineraries which spend 5-6 nights in the countryside packed with value-added visits to privately owned castles, stately homes, and gardens. Pubs and tea rooms get added into the mix and with jetlag parked, your clients are then ready for 2-3 nights in London, plus extensions on an independent basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Nostalgia and the age of steam in the UK

Just as the Chelsea Flower Show defines excellence for garden lovers, so do the three little words, “The Flying Scotsman”, resonate with the tens of thousands of people who flock to see the Steam Preservation and Rail Museums in North America.  Take a look at the Association of Tourist Railroads and Railway Museums, and then check out the UK product possibilities at the Heritage Railway Association. Read the rest of this entry »

Year of the English Garden: Year of Opportunity

During September, many garden clubs will be reconvening after their summer vacation which makes this a good time for finalizing and presenting a really eye catching, value added customized UK tour at their next meeting.

In the months ahead, your customer’s gardening magazines will be carrying details and images of the 2016 Year of the English Garden and the Tercentenary of Capability Brown, the UK’s most famous Master Gardener; so get ahead of the game and capture this interest by offering them a program that they won’t see in any tour operator’s brochure, which combines large and spectacular castles and stately homes with privately owned homes and gardens rarely open to the general public. Read the rest of this entry »

Travel Less, See and Discover More

Many years ago, I formed my love affair with North America by taking advantage of Greyhound’s amazing offer of 99 days of travel for $99. I spent nearly 5 months touring your fine country and still have the Rand McNally map to prove it.

While you and your customers may not have spent as long falling in love with the UK, many will thank you for suggesting a London and York holiday. Here are some reasons why they’d willingly let the train take the strain out of the fast 2-hour journey between the two locations. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cotswolds – Forever England

The Cotswolds – Forever England

I always get a positive reaction whenever I mention the word ‘Cotswolds’ at trade shows. That said, many travel agents are unaware that this iconic destination stretches from Stratford upon Avon in the north to Bath in the south and across to Oxford in the east. It is a region of sleepy, honey colored limestone villages, sheep-clad hillsides, privately owned and internationally renowned gardens, 16th century pubs, quintessentially English tea rooms, the Arts and Crafts Movement, jaw dropping history, treasure filled castles and a close encounter with Tudor England. Welcome to the Cotswolds, a corner of England that has just become more accessible thanks to the new American Airlines daily non-stop service from JFK to Birmingham in the heart of England.  Read the rest of this entry »

Niche Idea: A Cornucopia of English gardens

With hints of the long awaited Spring in the air and with the Chelsea Flower Show just around the corner across the pond, here’s an update on some new ideas for UK garden tours. Some of them like the Capability Brown 300th anniversary in 2016 will be of great interest to your gardening contacts while others will appeal to customers cruising or flying in/out of Southampton, Dover or Harwich this year.

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Continue your client’s love affair with the UK

Which is a better idea? To book your clients on pre-set departure UK tours or to suffer the slings and arrows of some extra work by creating a tailor made program that matches their interests, time frame and budget—the FIT.

For first and second time visitors, a London-only or a 7-10 night extended tour, will often start a love affair with Britain that will last for years.  Once smitten these soon-to-be anglophiles may well say yes to a proposal that’s based in 2 different hubs for 3-4 nights each.  Read the rest of this entry »