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LuxuryRetreats: Yes, even in a poor economy

With the uncertain economy and people keeping their travel wallets closed a bit more tightly than before; as long as your clients are traveling, why not suggest a private villa. Boy that does not sound right, but think about it. And when you do, think about LuxuryRetreats.

It is a given that people are still traveling. They are just traveling smarter. By not mentioning a private villa to your clients, you may be doing a disservice to them and their wallets. LuxuryRetreats represents nearly 2000 properties worldwide ranging from Musha Cay ($32,000/night) and Deer Field Estate in Park City, Utah (with its private gondola to take you to the slopes) to many more affordable properties in the Caribbean, Italy, Bali, Greece, Mexico and more. Whether you are looking for a villa with one or two bedrooms or one with seventeen, there is a good chance LuxuryRetreats has it in their inventory.

When you are offering a vacation to a family of four, a villa usually makes a lot more sense. Take Satin Sunrise in Negril Jamaica. At $800/night plus your meals, you are well below what you would spend for an all inclusive resort in the same area. But, you have your own private home complete with a barman, chef, maid and security. You are a one minute walk to the famed beaches of Negril.

Villas are also the perfect choice for multiple families, small groups, and corporate retreats and incentive trips. There is a certain panache about vacationing at a privately owned home in an exotic destination as opposed to staying at a hotel.

LuxuryRetreats began as Caribbean Way back in  1998  and due to their white glove handling of clients, realized that they needed to go global. Today, while they have a strong presence in the Caribbean, they are truly a global provider of villas.

With commission rates starting at 10% and promotions ranging up to 15%, villa rentals can really help out your bottom line. LuxuryRetreats has a staff dedicated to the travel agent channel and the experts you deal with have actually visited the properties. The staff is prepared to arrange any additional services you may need ranging from transfers to private security details to special events and celebrations.

While every villa can be staffed, most villas in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados and Mexico include  full   staff in the pricing. Since 85% of their business is to the U.S. market, the villas are held to American standards. When your client travels with LuxuryRetreats, there are no bedding surprises or worse.

Finding villas that meet their stringent requirements is a full time job for six members of the product development team. These six are responsible for rejecting 95% of the applicants. LuxuryRetreats is putting their brand behind the product they represent and it shows. As a travel professional, you are also putting your brand behind what you sell. A 95% rejection rate is reassuring.

I spoke with George Alexandrou, Director of Strategic Partnerships for LuxuryRetreats and point blank asked him why he was different than any other villa rental company. “Our job is not to find any villa for your guests. Our job is to work with you to find the right fit in a villa for your guests.” Alexandrou was quick to point out that they are not a listing site representing any villa that wanted to be listed. LuxuryRetreats is more interested in accepting the villas that will provide the experience the guest is seeking. “When you deal with a listing site, they are selling the properties that are listed versus selling the properties that are right for the guest.”

In today’s environment, travelers are looking for something more than a room at the inn. Why not consider giving them the inn—at the same price!

To reach LuxuryRetreats, you can contact one of their Villa Specialists dedicated to the travel professional from 8am to 6pm EST at 866-205-1624 or you can visit their site at An agent site is currently under development; however to get a view of some of their properties, please view their multi-lingual online brochure.

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  1. Thanks so much for the article. I had never heard of your company before, and it looks like it would be a great fit for our clients.

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