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Turning Away Business

As hard as the average travel consultant works to build a clientele, it is difficult for many to imagine actually turning away business. Yet, there are times when the smart travel agent should refuse a particular request. Here are a few examples of good reasons for not taking on an assignment.

  • The client challenges you to “beat a price” – this is a no-win proposition with no good reason for participating;
  • The client asks you to do something unethical – Back to Backs anyone?
  • The client asks you to do something complicated at the absolute last minute when doing a good job is impossible – a recipe for making their problem your own;
  • The client insists that you book a supplier with a dubious reputation because it is ‘cheap”;
  • The client is not well-known to you and asks for a trip on short notice paid with questionable funds.

Each of these examples carry warning signals to the experienced travel consultant that problems are about to pay a visit. The best advice? Politely turn away the business – life is too short to compound it with problems that can – and should – be avoided.

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