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A New Partnership for TRO: Frommers

Travel Research Online launched just over two years ago with the idea that travel agents needed access to solid, professional tools to assist with marketing to clients. We put together a collection of destination guides, ePostcards, videos and articles for agents to use free of charge with only one request: that in exchange you view the banner ads on our site and  the email broadcasts we do, to consider using the tour operators that support us. Like you, we have a business model. Like you, we try to offer real value for both our advertisers and for our clients – in our case you, the travel agent.

To the end of providing travel agents with professional tools for free, TRO two years ago licensed a set of destination guides. The problems was the information was a bit on the thin side. Good enough…but with real need for enhancement. We wanted bigger and we wanted more for our travel agents. We wanted more comprehensive destination reports, with more destinations and greater depth. We wanted information that travel agents would proudly present to their clients.

The suppliers who support TRO have just upped the ante. Together with the suppliers you see on our site, we are announcing today a partnership with Frommers to provide travel agents with a truly great set of destination guides for their clients: 600 Destinations, with all of the depth and insight that Frommers provides in their own destination guides.

  • Email or Print the Guides
  • Include your logo
  • Include your Contact information
  • Completely Free for Professional Travel Agents

The new Frommers destination guides are yours to use. Simply log in to TRO and upload your logo and contact information. You can immediately begin sending destination guides and reports with itinerary suggestions, basic trip preparation suggestions, walking tours and dozens of other categories of information. At one time travel agents had to pay for information of this quality. Now, they are yours to use, for free, compliments of every tour operator you see in the banner ads on this site.

Combined with the videos, the ePostcards, the travel articles and the other great content available on TRO, travel agents can now provide their clients with information second to none. You can use the information for preliminary research, you can use it to prospectively market to a client, or you can provide it as an additional value to a client who books with you. No matter how you use it, it’s free for professional travel agency community.

TRO has a mission to enhance the professional life of the traditional travel agency community.  We hope you feel that we are succeeding in that mission.

  3 thoughts on “A New Partnership for TRO: Frommers

  1. What a great enhancement ! I only started reading TRO sometime in the last 6 months or more and must tell you it the very best newsletter of it’s kind. I don’t even bother with the others anymore and value the service you provide.

  2. Great news…we are so limited with where we can get good, reliable destination information for our clients. This is fantastic! Thank you so much.

  3. Scott Rains says:

    It has been encouraging watching TRO grow over the last two years. The Frommer’s addition is a boon but my niche — travelers with mobility impairments or other disabilities — still have information needs not being met anywhere in the mainstream of the industry. I am reviewing Gordon Rattray’s Bradt Travel Guide “Access Africa: Safaris for People with Limited Mobility” and the latest edition of Candy Harrington’s “Barrier-Free Travel.” These are among the best in print but online resources still do not capture the information that is relevant for our market.

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