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Paris by EEI Travel!

Paris in the Spring, or any other time for that matter, is a joy. This is a city with a history that stretches back to Celtic beginnings, the cultural heart of Europe from practically the dawn of a European identity.

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Paris is a city to see on foot. There a many great walking tours and options, all of which involve time well spent in Paris cafés. Sites you won’t want to miss in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Sacred Heart Basilica, Museum d’Orsay and the Louvre National Museum. Give yourself plenty of time to visit the sites because there is an overwhelming amount of fascinating art and history to take in.
  • Paris is perhaps one of the most filmed and photographed cities in the world. The “City of Light” is inundated with romance, intrigue and elegance.
  • There are enough museums in Paris that you could easily spend your entire visit admiring the art of world-famous artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gough and collections from Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan history.
  • You’ll also want to take time to relax at a sidewalk café and enjoy the French cuisine.
  • The Eiffel Tower was unveiled in 1889 at the Paris Exhibition, despite a multitude of protests. Today, more than 2 million people climb the tower’s stairs each year to take in the breathtaking panorama view of the city. Most people walk up the 747 steps, but in 2002 Hugues Richard rode a bicycle to the top in 19 minutes.
  • The Latin Quarter received its name because it’s where scholars studied in Latin during the Middle Ages. The area surrounds Sorbonne University.
  • It took over 180 years to complete Notre Dame Cathedral. The building was cleaned in 1990s with lasers that burned off the grime. Parisian officials decided to leave a portion of the cathedral dirty to remind people what it used to look like.
  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery opened in 1804 but didn’t have any customers because people felt it was too far from the city. Eventually the bodies of the famous medieval lovers, Abelard and Heloise, were transferred to the cemetery. Since then, the cemetery became a popular graveyard and tourist destination.
  • Paris is often called the City of Light, although the nickname has nothing to do with the city’s actual light. Instead, the name refers to intellects and artists who came to the city, making it a place of enlightenment.
  • Paris is a city proud of its history. The landscape is still based around the Ile de la Cite where Celtic tribes first settled over 2,000 years ago. Years later, the Romans showed interest in the area until the English ruled from 1420 to 1436. Around the same time a consecutive order of French kings centralized France with Paris at its heart.
  • As one of the most popular destinations in the world, Paris receives 45 million tourists a year. Sixty percent of the visitors are foreigners.Hotels in Paris are rated into category by prices ranging from 100 Euros to over 400 Euros.
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