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Bliss Honeymoons, LLC–Marketing madness

A few weeks ago I made the decision to work with a marketing coach. While I had been hesitant to work with business coaches in the past, I had reached the point where I needed to maximize my business potential and to grow the services we can offer our clients, and felt that it was time to bring in someone outside the travel industry to give things a once over.

The past few weeks have been an eye opening experience. I have rewritten almost every marketing piece we have, including the website. I feel like the guy on the Snapple commercial walking around going, “We’ve found better stuff!”  While we were pleased with the look and results of the current materials and website, we knew that there were some tweaks that could make a significant difference.

Like many of you, our site and materials highlighted all the great reasons we thought someone should work with us. But let me ask you the question that Megan, our coach, posed to me. “That’s nice. Who would want that?” Hmmm. Yes who would want that? Who looks at our site and goes “Oh my gosh! That’s me! I want that!” This is where the bulb went off in my head and I realized we were missing a key ingredient. You’ve got so many great things to offer. Who identifies with what you have?

It’s not that we don’t have a niche or specialization. It’s not that we haven’t stuck to offering the destinations and resorts that we know best. It’s not that we haven’t avoided being all things to all people like the plague. But by narrowing our focus even further we will be in a position to do a much better job of serving the clients that we identify with best, and would really benefit from our services the most.

With the current economic uncertainty I’ve asked myself more than once if this is the right time to be spending money on a coach, overhauling a website that’s less than two years old, and reproducing our printed materials. While much of the work is still in progress and won’t be completed for a few more weeks, I am very excited to see what kind of return we get.

Laura Frazier is the President of Bliss Honeymoons based in Columbus,  OH. For more information, you can contact Laura at

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  1. Nia says:

    Oh Laura…I am so excited for you. I imagine that with this new infusion of creativity must carry over into renewed excitement about every aspect of the business. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out. (And then figuring out how those techniques might work for my processes too.)

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