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Don’t become invisible

It happens to the best of us.  Really, that’s who it happens to. You do such a good job, people expect it of you.  That’s a great thing. When you set expectations properly, and then exceed them, you develop the kind of client loyalty of which some travel agents can only dream.  Not only do your clients return to you time and again, but your clients become evangelists for your travel practice. 

Unless you become invisible.

When you become invisible, people quit noticing all of the amazing things you do.  The great travel itineraries you create, your responsiveness, the way every element of an FIT works perfectly and on time. But the sad fact is that most people only know how to evaluate a situation when it is poorly done. They take good craft for granted. They only take special notice when something goes wrong. It’s up to you to ensure that they notice when things go right, to create enough surplus good karma to take care of the situations that don’t always work as planned.

Don’t let that happen to you!

If you grabbed a suite from a full sailing for a client, or wrangled a special reservation, or found a special deal for a client, let them know you did it, and how you did it. Don’t let your good work go unnoticed. If your brand is built on a credo of excellent client (and supplier) relationships, you need to work the relationship continually. Give, and take, credit where it is due. Don’t let a mistaken sense of modesty keep you from getting the notice you deserve.

A real part of the art of client relationships is to “demystify” what you do. Let them know about the procedures you use, the resources you have at your disposal and the relationships that you (your agency/consortia) have built over the years. Then, let the client know how they benefit from those same attributes!  If you do not explain your work effort to the client, they take what you do as a given. Don’t brag…just explain. You are good at what you do, make sure they know it!

Public relations is a big part of the marketing effort.  Be your own best publicist. If you don’t blow your own horn, no one will dance to your tune.

  3 thoughts on “Don’t become invisible

  1. Gene Marck says:

    Very good point! We don’t toot our horn enough about all the good things we do for our clients.

  2. Janet Engel says:

    Could not agree more! I have always thought that agents need to let their clients and prospects know how good they are. Why are they so reluctant to do so? See my recent blog post on this very topic-

  3. Joanne Hunt says:

    Excellent advice…besides making the client aware
    of the behind the scene efforts that go into
    creating their ideal vacation…it can also be a
    very empowering reminder to us of our value.

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