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Celebrity Solstice, A Formidable Competitor To The Luxury Lines?

How do Celebrity’s Solstice-class vessels compare to luxury cruise lines where the price point is at least twice as much? Read the Avid Cruiser’s report from a recent Caribbean voyage on Celebrity Solstice.

Back in November of 2008, I wrote Celebrity’s Newest Ship Breaks The Mold. Clearly, Celebrity Solstice left a good impression on me and many others.

This week, I’m back on Celebrity Solstice, taking a second look at what a friend of mine calls, “Crystal Light.” She’s referring not to the powdered sugar-free beverage but rather to Celebrity’s competitive positioning against luxury operator Crystal Cruises.



Stateroom design underscores what you find throughout Celebrity Solstice: taste & class. The company has since launched two additional Solstice-class vessels, Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Eclipse. Some say they are formidable competitors to the luxury lines.

She posits that Celebrity is a formidable contender to Crystal in some areas, namely staterooms, cuisine and other ship-board offerings. That’s quite a claim, especially considering that Celebrity’s price point is about half of Crystal’s.

Are Celebrity’s Solstice-class vessels nipping at the heels of their luxury competitors? I don’t plan to a blow-by-blow comparison, but this week, I will take a look at some of the good — and not-so-good, if warranted — on Celebrity Solstice.


Bathrooms are well-designed with one small, but well-publicized feature: a shower bar to assist women in shaving their legs. Such small touches characterize the well-thought-out design on Solstice-class vessels.

First impressions are the same as last time I was on board: Solstice is an exceptionally tasteful ship in both design and on-board offerings.

Public areas are gorgeous, restaurants are both numerous (with as many as 10 dining venues, depending on how you count – five have cover charges) and impressive. Staterooms are comfortable and well-designed. Mine, 8253, has a deep balcony, thanks to its positioning in the mid-ship curve.


Situated in the ship’s curve, stateroom 8253 features an ultra-deep balcony, which makes it inviting for in-room dining or relaxing.

How will Celebrity Solstice shake out by the end of the week? Of course, purists know that Celebrity can’t compete in several areas against the luxury players:

  1. With a capacity of more than 2,800 guests, a single Solstice-class vessel has more capacity than the entire fleets of most, if not all, of the luxury players.
  2. On the smaller luxury lines, staff frequently address guests by their names. Not so on larger vessels, such as those in the Solstice class.
  3. With the exception of Crystal, luxury lines are all-inclusive, meaning that a check will not be shoved under your nose to sign for soft drinks, specialty coffees and alcoholic beverages. On Celebrity, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your penmanship. Crystal skirts the all-inclusive issue by providing an As You Wish Credit. See More For Your Money? Crystal Cruises Onboard Credit: How Does It Compare To The All-Inclusive?

I welcome your questions and comments.

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  2 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice, A Formidable Competitor To The Luxury Lines?

  1. Patti says:

    I agree that the Solstice class of ships is comparable to the luxury lines. Crystal light…I love it! The Solstice is my personal favorite ship. I recommend it to clients quite a bit, those looking for a more elegant ship, and who aren’t out to find the cheapest cruise. Sure the luxury cruiselines are all-inclusive, but when it comes down to it, I’m sure folks won’t mind paying up at the end of their cruise if they saw the bill for cruising the others.

  2. Scott Lara says:

    I really enjoyed the Solstice during the week of Sept 26, 2010. Lots of elbow room! Didn’t feel crowded at all. Fewer Kids which was a big plus. Crew was incredible. Looking forward to returning to the Solstice soon. For more information, check out http://www.cruiseradio.net

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