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Phoenix – a city commonly depicted in cartoons with cowboys, red-rock buttes and cactus.  The desert character provides a foundation that is present in few places in the U.S., and America’s fifth-largest city boasts this with pride.  At the heart of the Sonoran Desert and at the beginning of the Grand Canyon, the city meshes old and new, embracing history while pushing forward into the digital era.

Resting upon the timeless Southwestern backdrop, Phoenix is the ideal location for family vacations, extended weekend trips or a romantic getaway.  With resorts and spas fused with Native American influence, golf courses that are playable year-round, parks with trails intertwined in them, plenty of sports venues to enjoy just about every sport imaginable, and of course, a broad spectrum of shopping malls and boutiques that give almost any other state a run for its money.

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History plays an enormous role in Phoenix, as evidenced by the Southwestern architecture and Native American influences that have an everyday role.  The earliest inhabitants, the Hohokam Indians, dominated the area until roughly 1450 AD, when any and all records of the events of the region ceased.  They are believed to be ancestors of the Pima Indians and, ironically enough, the word “Hohokam” in Pima language translates to “those who have gone.”
  • If outdoor activities are a must on vacation, then look no further – constant sunshine and warm temperatures make thriving outside the norm for Phoenix residents and visitors alike.  Horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or just taking a stroll around the many different parks are just a few of the options, but if you enjoy pushing things to the limit, gliding and flying in a sailplane or in a hot-air balloon are offered.
  • Love the water?  Then be sure to explore the various aquatic adventures like skiing, sailing, fishing and tubing in the greater Phoenix region’s lakes and rivers.
  • As mentioned earlier, the residents of Phoenix are proud of their sports.  How proud, you might ask?  Well, being home to 200 golf courses is a start, some resting in desert canyons while others reside in world-class resorts, following up your round of 18 with a relaxing spa treatment.  And don’t forget about the other sports teams in Glendale, including teams from the NBA, MLB, WNBA, NFL and NASCAR.
  • Bringing the family?  There are few better places to do so.  Considered to be America’s “natural amusement park”, there is something to do for the entire bunch in every corner of the state.  Old West towns, mines, lakes, railroads, dude ranches are common, resulting in a unique experience for children and adults alike.  Stand in four states at once at the Four Corners? Only in Arizona.  Junior Ranger Program at the Grand Canyon?  Arizona Science Center?  Hall of Flame Fire Museum?  Pima Air and Space Museum?  Again, only in Arizona.


  • It’s common to think that, because Arizona is located in the desert, that its food selection and nightlife would suffer – which couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  Cuisine from every culture on earth, from five-star dining to simple, local homemade meals, is offered.  Visitors should especially enjoy some of the Native American and Mexican dishes.  If you are an avid beer or wine drinker, be sure to check out the breweries and wine bars, sampling the local concoctions.  For the younger crowd, high-energy clubs and music venues are dispersed throughout Phoenix, so beginning your night in one of the aforementioned restaurants or bars and making your way over to see your favorite group is the ideal plan for a weekend night.
  • Finally, shopping.  With hundreds of malls – both indoors and out – antique stores, clothing boutiques, gift shops and art galleries to choose from, there is  something to please even the pickiest of shoppers.


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