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Industry Shocker – No New Online Travel Apps for Two Days!

The travel industry was stunned this week when – for the first time in ten years – 48 hours passed without the launch of a single new online travel application.

Critics, travel writers and technology reviewers alike scanned the media in a panic, checking their iPhones, Androids and Blackberries, glancing nervously at their news feeds every few minutes.
Industry reaction was swift and loud –

“Feels like a TSA pat down with a hangnail.” – Hookin Standit of Hurt & Payne Tours

“This is a disaster…right up there with the elimination of airline commissions and Vicky Freed jumping ship.” – Thelma Washin-Dry, President of Retail Operators From Laundromats (ROFL)

“Business was red hot until this happened!” – MyAshie Burns – inventor of the asbestos kayak and owner of Hot Lava Rafting Tours of Hawaii.

“Six to one it doesn’t last.” – Hugh Betcha, Greeter – Minnesota Tribal Casinos

Many ancillary businesses impacted –

The Annoyingly-Clever-Domain-Names Department of GoDaddy began handing out pink slips.

Dr. Getta Gripp – popular TV psychotherapist – devoted an entire hour-long program to counseling grief stricken reviewers and app addicts.

End-of-week pressure built to the point that Celebrity’s Dondra Ritzenthaller pledged to change her name to ‘Jane Smith’ if anyone would just come out with SOMETHING.

Relief in sight – eight new apps launch simultaneously –

  • –”blubber safari fun”
  • – “pay to stay put”
  • – “dying to attend more funerals?”
  • – “when you just have to be there yesterday”
  • – “‘White Lightning’ biking”
  • – “allergic to excitement?”
  • – “discussion forum for monks on the move”
  • – “travel blog BS detector”

“Ok! Now back to business as usual!” – Lotta DeLay, Service Rep – Gulp&

Author’s Note: This bit of whimsy was inspired by two things – the satire of Andy Borowitz (Borowitz Report) and recent ads for the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Conference.

The travel apps above are imaginary. These from the PhoCusWright conference are not –

  • Netbiscuits
  • Hipmunk
  • Stash
  • Flymuch

…to name just a few.

(Click here if you don’t believe me.)

Got any ideas for a travel app…serious or otherwise? Let’s hear it!

  3 thoughts on “Industry Shocker – No New Online Travel Apps for Two Days!

  1. Eric Shun says:

    I know things are down in the travel industry…..but try to “hang in there” a little longer.
    Eric Shun

  2. I found this very funny. After a day of blogging, a good chuckle was much appreciated.

    Lyn, you sparked material for a sequel on mergers. Expedia and Travelocity merging would be – “when you just have to be there yesterday”

  3. Chicke – Ok, now you got me thinking. What other mergers could we envision….hmmmm.

    Send the link to your blog!

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