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Julie Summers — Beating the odds

Happy Spring! As professionals, we all try to keep business and personal issues separate but sometimes they overlap, each having a major impact on the other. That is what is happening in my life right now.  I am currently in the process of a divorce. It’s amicable, but it still causes major swings in emotion and mood on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. My soon to be ex-husband will be moving out of state on March 31st. I feel bad for him as the opportunity to further his career happened at the same time as our divorce. He is a great father and will miss his boys. It is a huge upheaval for all of us right now.

My job can be a great escape! Working with people to plan a wonderful cruise vacation and help make that a reality for them, is a great way to get my mind off of all my issues. But some days it requires a herculean effort to even get out of bed and face the day. I have literally taken my days in five minute increments many times in the last month. If I can get through the next five minutes, I tell myself, then I will be ok. And then I say it again in five minutes.  It’s times like this that I want to be the one taking a vacation! I want to run away to somewhere beautiful and just be. But the reality of the situation is that I have responsibilities to my kids, myself and my employer. So as each day dawns, I get out of that bed, put my best smile on and take what comes my way with as much grace and dignity as I can.

My goal was to research industry associations in my area this month. I have to say I started the process but have not quite finished. I do have a meeting set up with another local agent to discuss her take on the subject. As an employee, I don’t see a huge benefit to me in joining any right now, but I’m still interested in what the benefits might be to the independent agent.  I am also seriously considering taking the CTA course. For those of you who have, has it increased the level of confidence your clients have in you? What other differences has it made in your career?

I  have a new shift for the next 12 weeks which has me working both weekend days and I have to say, I really don’t know how that is going to work for me being a newly single mom. I guess this is one of those phases in life where I have to give up some of the accouterments of my lifestyle and really see if I have what it takes to be a successful employee and a mom who can meet her children’s needs.

With the support network I have of friends and family, I think I can not only succeed at both, but excel. I am finding that I am stronger than I ever thought I was and I am ready to move forward into the next chapter of my life–not as a victim, but as a strong, healthy, contributing member of society who is happy above all, and thankful for another chance to make my life good, true and right.

Has anyone else gone through a similar personal turmoil? How did you handle it? Any tips?

Julie Summers is a cruise only travel professional. Julie works from her home in Idaho and has two boys 12 and 13, and a very spoiled Boston terrier.


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  1. Haleh Malek says:

    Hang in there Julie, have seen my sister going through divorce and it is really hard. Your attitude is great, try to get together with your Girl-friends sometime, your children also need you. Go to Theraphy and you will be great.

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Hi Julie

    I too am going through a divorce. It’s been a year and a half since the process began, not very amicable and still waiting to tie up loose ends. We share custody so I am able to have some time for my business however the road has been rough. Learning a whole new way of life, trying to stay afloat and keep my children as stable as possible has been difficult. As with you family and friends offer great support. It will get better, you just have to have faith that where you are right now is where you need to be. Best wishes for you and your children.

  3. Julie Summers says:

    Thank you both for your kind words! I know this was the right decision and as each day passes I’m feeling stronger. I wish the best for your sister Haleh and for you LeeAnn. Keep in touch please! My email:

  4. Mary R says:

    Hi Julie,

    Work often has saved me from the stresses of my personal life. But be careful-it can take over your life, especially if you are the typical Type A travel agent!

    I walk every day and do yoga classes twice a week with my yoga-buddies. Make time for exercise and it will help you make it through the long days ahead.


  5. Julie Summers says:

    Great advice, Mary! I’m right there with you. I walk/run with my dog almost everyday. It has staved off insanity many times! Thank you for writing!

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