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Julie Summers — Shaking things up in Idaho

When I decide to shake things up, I really shake things up! I came to the conclusion sometime in late March that my current employer and I were no longer a good fit.  I researched host agencies and decided to affiliate with Montrose Travel in California. They have a strong support system and wonderful and personable staff. I could not have selected a better company for my host. I was thisclose to signing on the dotted line when something else fell ino my lap—a position with a well-respected local travel agency.

I struggled with feelings that I was taking the easy way out—I had really set my heart on becoming independent. But in the end, I made the choice to go with the traditional agent position because of the security, medical benefits and future opportunities with the company. Safe is good, right?!

Global Travel is a family owned Idaho company over 50 years old. It’s a full service agency and a member of Virtuoso—specialists in the art of travel. They are headquartered in downtown Boise with satellite offices all over Idaho and one in Sacramento, California. I feel so comfortable there and know I’ve made the best decision for my career.  In my new office there are nine leisure agents and an entire corporate department upstairs. The travel business is booming, and I really enjoy the synergy of working with other agents. The energy is positive and the people there are stellar. I look forward to work each day to see what new adventures and challenges await.

I really enjoy shifting my skills away from selling just cruises; and I already have a few land packages in the works. I have met several BDMs; something I missed out on working from home. Having a representative at the resort or cruise line who I know personally is a huge benefit to my clients. I appreciate everything they are willing to do to make sure that my client’s experience is absolutely wonderful.

And let’s not understate the benefit of Global Travel’s Virtuoso affiliation. It’s a fantastic consortium with the best of the best in the retail travel industry. I am looking forward to meeting several key people and obtaining my CTA at Virtuoso’s Travel Week in Las Vegas in August. How many readers are with a Virtuoso agency? Are any of you planning on attending this event? If so, let’s plan to meet. Shoot me an email at julies@globaltrav.com.

On the home front, everything is going smoothly. My boys are doing well in school and adjusting to mom working outside the home once again. For now I’m working part time and plan to go full time this fall. I am sprucing up the house, planting a garden and enjoying face time with my boys and other family members. I have new appreciation for the family and friends who made the effort to stay close to me. Going through a divorce reveals relationships for what they are—some true, some not. I am thankful for every single person who actively chooses to be in my life; and lets me be a part of theirs.

Julie is a travel adviser for Global Travel in Boise, Idaho (www.myglobal.com). She has two teen boys and a spoiled Boston Terrier. You can contact her at julies@globaltrav.com or on LinkedIn.


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  1. Jan Mauer says:

    Hi Julie! I LOVE Global Travel. Global Travel was my very first job when I literally fell into the travel industry. The owner, then, Harold Loveless (now I believe his son runs the business) offered me a job after my job after Boise State University where I graduated from college. I have now worked in the travel industry for 31 years and am very thankful for my humble beginnings at Global Travel. I am from Boise, my family still lives there and I visit as often as I can. Good for you to choose them as your employer. I really like that company!! Contact me if you want ~ 732-613-8640 ~ I would enjoy meeting you. Best of luck to you in our industry and with an excellent company!

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