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The aftermath of the London Olympics

Did you miss out on sending thousands to London to experience the XXX Olympiad? Me too. But don’t get too down about it as there lays a fantastic opportunity for you in the coming years!  While the minority of people witness an event, the majority of people are very exciting about visiting after the event. In fact, business booms and you need to get a piece of it! 

While none of the Olympic host cities were unknown, they certainly became much more “front and center” in the traveler’s mind once the events had ended. When you think of the history that is made at these venues, it is not surprising. Beijing and China bookings increased after the 2008 games when Michael Phelps earned all of his gold. Barcelona is still feeling the impact from their games 20 years ago. And while London has always been a popular destination, it will become more so in the coming years as people will want to see the sites of the XXX Olympiad. People are curious by nature and they will want to see the Olympic Stadium, the aquatic center, and the Olympic Village. The improvements and additions made to the City for the Olympics only ups the city’s desirability several notches.

So, to the smart travel professional, it makes sense to bone up on your London knowledge and maybe even develop a package or two to address these soon-to-come customers. Become the expert. Maybe even start a niche solely on past Olympic travel? It is a perfect choice—new destinations coming out every two years (taking into account winter and summer games) and they are decided a decade in advance—up next Sochi, Russia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Pyeongchang, China!

But the curiosity to travel to past hotspots does not end with sports. Look at the uptick in interest in Vietnam. Who would have ever thought Serbia and Coatia would be tourist hotspots? The concentration camps of Nazi Germany are a “must see” for many visitors to the nation. And in the future, you will see a strong interest in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other infamous places. Maybe a niche in “war torn cities” or even nefarious crimes around the world—Jack the Ripper, Natalee Holloway disappearance, Wall Street.

Are you ready? Does it make sense? Have you been there and done that? Maybe you can share a thought or two on your experience in the comments.


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