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Facebook Content – Engaging Your Fans

Marketing on Facebook is a tricky endeavor. Your Fans are not there to enable your business and overt advertising often fails badly. What is very clear is the need for your brand building efforts to be completely and comfortably ensconced in great content that is both educational and entertaining, with an emphasis on entertainment. The content you choose for your Post Updates has to be relevant and it has to possess a high interest factor. You have to hit your Fans where they live with articles that keep them involved with your posts and eager to see the next.

Engaging your clients increases the ever important EdgeRank – the formula by which Facebook determines how many of your Fans continue to see your posts organically.  If a Fan interacts with one of your posts, they are more likely to see tomorrow’s post as well. I have learned the best techniques for engagement are open questions, videos and pictures, great articles, and, best of all – travel quotes.  Let’s look at each of these in turn.

How do you know what interest your Fans? Ask them! Open-ended questions are a great technique for engaging clients.  Look where an open question might get you. An open question on the Travelhoppers page  received the following feedback in 35 comments:


Look at the truly wonderful information the Comment feedback provides. I know with a fairly high degree of certainty articles on Hawaii, Fiji, passenger rail and European travel will be welcomed. If I knew my Fan base well enough, I could even use the information above to market directly to individuals over a period of time.

Appeal to topics in niche markets that will draw upon interest in activities other than travel. For example, many of your readers will no doubt be fond of cooking, fine dining and wines. Mixing those interests with travel will almost certainly draw engagement from your Fans:


If possible, draw in articles that contain a high number of potential “hits” on a variety of interests. For example, the following article might appeal to animal lovers, environmentalists, and people who have an African safari on their bucket list:


Write a short introduction to each article that highlights some of the most important information, again promoting your business without overtly marketing your travel practice. Educating clients with articles that can make them better consumers will always be appreciated.


Each day, the papers and internet delivers up travel content that is often educational, unusual and even amusing. Don’t hesitate to put information in front of your clients that draw attention to the many strange events that sometimes occur in travel.


With each article, you build not only engagement with your Facebook page, but also the profile of your company’s brand. Your readers will identify you with the very idea of “travel” and will think of you the next time they think of travel.

Where can you find the type of articles you need to continually deliver great content to your clients? Each day TRO publishes its Travelgram filled with consumer articles from around the internet. Use those articles as fodder for your own Post Updates. Likewise, TRO launched Travelhoppers as a travel professional friendly resource for consumer articles. Use the articles there when you find one you like, confident that the editorial is friendly to the travel professional community. USA Today, MSNBC and many other sites provide a wealth of articles you can use as interesting content for your Fans.

Combining a great graphics with a quotation about travel is an almost certain way to generate engagement.  Look at the following taken from the Travelhoppers page:


Note the terrific number of shares, likes, comments and people who saw the post. Here’s the good news.  You can make images like this yourself or you can get them for free from TRO!  Members of TRO’s community have an ever growing deck of Graphic Travel Quotations they can use on their websites or on their Social Media pages (Facebook, Pinterest, etc).  Register here, (https://travgram.travelresearchonline.com/images/tro/tro080312.htm) follow directions and you can use the Graphic Travel Quotations to further engage your audience!

The techniques we have been covering this week work and here are some additional articles for your perusal. Give them a try and let us know the results!

PS. Here is a blatant commercial for your support ~ Everything we do at TRO is supplier sponsored.  The suppliers you see on TRO make it possible to provide you our content and tools for free!  Please read our emails, click on our banner ads and let the suppliers know you saw them here and love them! ~ Thanks, Richard

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