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Facebook Post Promotion – Paying for Engagement

As your Fans Like and Share your posts, your Facebook engagement in increases. What many do not realize is only about 15% of your Fans actually see your posts organically. As a result, your engagement and EdgeRank can remain very low. Pages already having at least 400 likes can use Promoted Posts to increase their engagement.

On the lower right hand corner of your posts is a small link “Promote”. You can promote recent posts directly from your post by clicking on the link and choosing a dollar amount. The post must be less than three days old to be promoted, but you can promote status updates, photos, videos or any other type of post. You are, in essence, paying to ensure your post is seen and engagement therefore is more likely to remain high.


Our own tests with Promoted Posts indicate highly increased engagement results, as well as some degree of organic growth in Likes as Friends of Friends see the Shares. Once a person interacts with one of your Posts, they are more likely to see the next post as their engagement factor with your Page has increased.

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During and after the period of promotion, you can see the results both in the Insights and in the actual post itself by hovering over a results link.

Post Promotion can be a highly effective tool for keeping your engagement and EdgeRank factors high once you have built a sufficient base of Fans. If you have not yet built the base of Fans you desire, use the organic techniques we have discussed over the past two weeks as well as paid advertising to increase your number of Fans.

  One thought on “Facebook Post Promotion – Paying for Engagement

  1. I’ve used this and it works! Routinely, my posts are “seen” by anywhere from 89 – 804 people.

    This at least doubles when I pay to promote. One of my tour promotions ended up being “seen” by 3664 people…had a lot of discussion!

    I’ve been paying to promote quite a bit, especially if it involves a tour operator promo or a group I’m advertising.

    It’s all about getting people to SEE you!

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