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What I Have Learned From My Pets

I have 2 dogs and a cat. While I love them dearly, sometimes they frustrate the heck out of me. Yet I still love them. More importantly they have taught me a lot of things.  Things that I apply to my business. I know what you’re thinking: “Are you crazy? Your pets actually teach you something?”  Before you call me certifiable and haul me away, let me explain.

Like all dogs mine are extremely loyal.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of work to keep them loyal. Feed them, take them for walks, give them treats, lots of love and attention.  It’s the same with customers.    Treat your customers like you treat your beloved pet. Take care of them; nurture the relationship by giving them the attention and time they deserve. And, give them treats. That little something extra special.  Delight your customers.  They will keep coming back, remain loyal and give you referrals.

The debate has been raging for centuries on which animal is smarter—dogs or cats. Some days, I think the cat is smarter. Some days I think the dogs win that round. What the cat does have going for her is attitude. She sashays around the house like she owns it.  She has a love-hate relationship with our Jack Russell/Doxie mix. He is young, energetic and constantly moving. One day, she had enough of his antics and walked up to him and swatted at his behind for no apparent reason strutting away with her tail in the air. Attitude. She has and she uses it.   I have never seen my cat be negative. Be positive.  Own your attitude.

My cat likes to perch on the window sill and watch everything. When she sees a bird she is deadly still and focused. Same with a bug she spots on the floor—laser- focused, calm and intent.  I could be shaking my cats treat bag yet, she is so focused she doesn’t take her eye off the prize. Be like your cat—laser- focused not only on your goals but your niche.  Don’t take your eyes off the prize.

The last thing I have learned from my pets,  especially my dogs is passion. My Aussie loves to chase squirrels, rabbits and occasionally her ball. My little guy just loves to hang with his humans. They both have a passion for life. They like doing what they love.  The cat is also passionate about her food bowl. If it’s full she is happy.   Be passionate about what you do. Love what you do and your customers. If you don’t love your customers fire them.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.”  I am going to take this a step further, “Be the kind of travel agent your pets (or your customers) thinks you are.”

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  1. Janet T TURNER says:

    What a unique and special perspective you present to basically any business owner! My husband, a general surgeon, (doctors are the worst business people usually) , can help his office staff understand fully the concept of customer “great” service now with this thoughful analogy to pet “thinking”! My chocolate lab always has the best day everyday …now this is another lesson we all need to learn! Thanks.! Janet T.

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