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Thailand from Solar Tours

From bustling metropolises to acres of rice fields to miles of beautiful sandy beaches, Thailand earns its spot as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This 60 second geography brought to the travel professional community by Solar Tours.


60-Second Geography


Thailand attracts more tourists than any other Southeast Asian country, and tourists contribute more to the country’s GDP than any other Asian country. Despite the huge impact and importance of tourism, Thailand is proud of retaining much of its rich culture and history, which of course makes it a desirable destination for many tourists.
  • Thailand is one of the only Southeast Asian countries to have never been conquered by a European power, a fact many Thai are proud of. Thanks to clever negotiations and treaties, Thailand was also one of the only countries in its area to not be invaded by Japan during World War II, and one of the only countries to avoid much foreign intervention immediately following the war.
  • Though Thailand offers many activities and sights for tourists, it is perhaps most well-known for its beautiful beaches along the warm Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand.
  • The majority of Thailand enjoys tropical weather, with temperatures hovering between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit during most of the year. There are three seasons: a relatively cool winter season, a hotter season, and the rainy season from July to October.
  • Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and with a population of eleven million, will certainly impress, if only in sheer scope and size.
  • Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice, particularly of the slightly more expensive and better quality “jasmine strain”.
  • Starting with a relatively peaceful coup d’etat in 2006, Thailand has had some political instability for the last few years, though most sources still state that it is perfectly safe to travel there.
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Explore Thailand with Solar Tours!

Bangkok – Phuket– Discover Bangkok, the capital of Thailand with its bustling mix of old and new; blending traditional culture and religion with all the luxury conveniences of a modern city. Continue the sensory experience with three nights in Phuket, Pearl of the South, with its endless beaches and crystal-clear blue.

Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Koh Samui – Combine Bangkok – fascinating, vibrant and cosmopolitan city steeped in ancient traditions; Chiang Mai, with its high forested hills, idyllic river valleys, vibrant cultural heritage and hidden natural treasures; Koh Samui, idyllic paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand with tropical sandy beaches, spectacular views of the Gulf of Siam, and vivid sunsets across to the mountains of the mainland…the island of your dreams. What a combination!

Magic Thailand Including Krabi – See Thailand, including astounding capital Bangkok and stunningly beautiful Krabi, over an 11 day partially guided trip.

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