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Experienced travel agents have long used consolidators for obtaining the best possible pricing on international airline fares for their clients. However, many travel planners have little experience with consolidators and don’t know where to begin to establish the proper supplier relationships. The United States Air Consolidator Association, better known as USACA, is making it easier for travel consultants to work with its membership. USACA’s website is a virtual gold-mine of valuable information for travel professionals, who will find it easier than ever to benefit from the experience, reliability and comprehensive services offered by USACA air consolidators.

PictureUSACA’s site serves as a powerful resource for an agent to connect with the association. The site provides links to each of the USACA members, a brief background on the company and the contact information agents need to begin working with their consolidator of choice. A popular feature is the member search function, easily accessible from each page of the site. Users are able to find which USACA members serve specific routes, as well as listings of their contracted airlines. In addition, printable profiles of each USACA member are available, which include contact information, regions served, airline partners, new route announcements, and web and email addresses.

Travel professionals can also submit a single request for a consolidator air quote and receive multiple responses from USACA members. Why make multiple inquires on an individual basis when you can speak with several USACA members with a single, simple to use form?

Currently the site also hosts Online Training with an Air Consolidators Specialist Course, designed to help agents significantly increase their revenue. Agents who participate in the course will learn how to increase profit on each transaction while offering the lowest rates to their customers, earn more by buying tickets through a USACA consolidator instead of issuing the same ticket through a GDS, and learn the essentials of working with consolidators and using consolidator fares for maximum profit. This includes learning when and how to use consolidators, and why they can be valuable to you and your clients.

In addition, there are articles on consolidators that travel agents can use to educate their clients and which the agents can place on their own web site or use in a newsletter. A marketing video is available which agents can send to their clients, complete with the agent’s contact information and logo. All of the marketing materials are free to travel agents.

USACA serves as the national trade association for airline ticket consolidators committed to integrity, trust and reliability. As an association dedicated to educating and working with the travel agency community, knowing USACA works to keep its site relevant, powerful and valuable for travel agents is welcome news. For more information on USACA, visit their web site at



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