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Viking River Cruises Veranda Suites Reviewed

We begin this week’s Viking River cruise reviews with a tour of Veranda Suite 308 on the Viking Aegir, one of the Viking Longships that made its debut in August 2012.

I’m on board in Amsterdam and firmly embedded for the christening of Viking Aegir and nine of its sisters, an event that will make the Guinness Book of World Records (see ‘That’s A Lot Of Bottles’ & Other Tales Of 12 Ship Christenings This Week).

Veranda Suite 308 on Viking Aegir features two rooms, including a spacious sitting room, which, like the bedroom, features a large, flat-panel television. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

The christening ceremonies take place at 3 p.m. today (just 30 minutes from the very moment that I am writing this post at Amsterdam’s Passenger Terminal). Cocktails first, followed by bottles of bubbly Veuve-Clicquot crashing against 10 hulls just after 4 p.m. (I know, what a waste of good champagne.)

I slept in Veranda Suite 308 last night and will do so for two more nights. One thing I appreciate about the Veranda Suite is the space. Measuring 275 square feet, Veranda Suite 308 features two rooms: a sitting area and a bedroom. Both rooms boast Viking’s trademark, large, flat-panel televisions, which feature free programming, including new release moves.

I also enjoy the fact that each room features a balcony. The living room has a step-out balcony, with two chairs and a table. In better weather (it’s chilly and gray in Amsterdam), I could imagine sitting on the balcony, having breakfast or a glass of wine (or both) and enjoying the passing landscape of Europe.

The bedroom features a French balcony, meaning a sliding glass door, with railing that allows you to poke your head out into the air. Both balconies are a nice touch that also allow for bright and airy rooms thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass.

Situated on the Upper Deck, my Veranda Suite features two full rooms: a sitting room with a full-size balcony and a bedroom with a French balcony. Large and comfortable, the Veranda Suite measures 275 square feet. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

The bed can be configured as a queen or twins. There’s good lighting, a full-length mirror, safe, closet, drawer space and storage for luggage underneath the bed. The bathroom is spacious with a large shower that even I can stand beneath, despite being 6’5″, heated ceramic floor (nice on the chilly Christmas Markets cruises – or today in Amsterdam), L’Occitance bath amenities and attractive tiling on the walls. A sliding pocket door separates the bedroom and bathroom. The pocket doors are a nice touch in that they eliminate the awkward swinging in or out of doors typically found on some vessels.

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My take on the Veranda Suite: Check the pricing, and if you can budget for it, do it. Viking River Cruises’ Veranda Suites are some of the most sensible and reasonably priced accommodations afloat. If you appreciate room to relax, step-out and French balconies as well as a big bathroom, the Veranda Suites are the way to go.

The Veranda Suite bathroom features a large shower that I can easily stand under (at 6’5″ tall), attractive tiles, heated ceramic floor (especially nice on chilly Christmas Markets cruises) and premium bath products by L’Occitane. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

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