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You have to show up


Every day a new record is broken. You are always reading about some underdog breaking all the odds to come out with a win. I love to read about upsets and beating the odds. This is what makes life worth living.  Who remembers back in 1996 when everyone thought the travel agent was a goner? You beat the odds!

The smart money may have been on Delta as they were the first to cut the commissions; but life doesn’t always unfold the way the newspapers and“those-in-the-know” predict.

The good news is that your odds for success have never been better if you only show up every day ready to run. Certainly horse racing is full of upsets!

Can’t relate to horse racing (come on it is almost Derby Day)? Go to the business section of your Sunday paper.

See all the “smart guys and gals” — the so-called experts who felt the only way to win was to invest in the known entities.

Big doesn’t mean diddley squat these days.

Favorites are not sure-things.

This is what makes it all fun and worth while.

  • Showing up – ready to play.
  • Showing up – ready for action.
  • Showing up – with a sense-of-fun.
  • Showing up – expecting that you may get tossed around now and then.
  • Showing up and taking a stand.
  • Showing up and working like hell.
  • Showing up …that’s the key.

You won’t always win; but you will never win …. if you don’t show up.

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Wanna know more?  Send me an email …

  2 thoughts on “You have to show up

  1. Sharon Sloane says:

    Well said! I’m going to print this and keep it near my desk, tape it to the refrigerator, and share with my colleagues. My daughter in college will appreciate it too.

  2. Marty Gibson says:

    Perfect timing Mike. Great “kick in the pants” article. Hope you don’t mind if I steal / borrow this to add to the message for our Team Meeting tonight. We all need to show up and be “ready to run”, on a regular basis, in order to be successful. So tonights message is “Show up, Be Ready to Run, and Have a Purpose!

    Thanks Mike

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