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Carol Dimopoulos at Perillo’s Learning Journeys



Carol Dimopoulos, MBA and President of Perillo’s Learning Journeys, has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. She also is honored to share her knowledge with students in her role as an adjunct business professor.  Her passion is connecting cultures through travel.  She is a leader in the field of educational travel and has had the opportunity to work closely with schools, universities, affinity and family groups to develop programs for learners in all walks of life.

She is committed to the vision of developing cultural understanding and reciprocity through integrative educational immersions woven into the global travel experience to deepen individual growth and experience on a personal level.   Her experience provides a platform for people to learn something new, which lasts far beyond the physical experience of the journey. 

Travel Research Online: What was your earliest travel memory you can recall?

Carol Dimopoulos: My father was a Bell Captain at a hotel in New York City. As a very young child we would visit him frequently at work. I observed guests from all over the world and found the different languages and cultures fascinating. I knew that I wanted to visit the lands they came from.


TRO: What first inspired you to work in the travel industry?

CD: I am an explorer by nature so travel was a natural profession for me. First as a Flight Attendant, then moving into the tour operator side of product development and marketing.


TRO: What is your role at Perillo’s Learning Journeys?

CD: I am the President of Learning Journeys.


TRO: How did the idea of Perillo’s Learning Journeys transpire?

CD: I wear two hats – one in the travel industry and the other as a college professor. Needless to say, my free time is very limited which prohibits me from taking classes in my own areas of interest. During my travels, I started seeking out learning experiences to deepen my own interests. I sought out schools and teachers where I could learn something new and enhance my life. It is the same when I travel with my children. I was seeing an option on how could I combine the journey with life enhancing learning experiences that last far beyond the travel experience.


TRO: What makes Perillo’s Learning Journeys a unique travel service?

CD: A Learning Journey is an interactive experience targeted to the interest rather than the destination. We offer classes that can build on areas of interest or skills, such as language, art, crafts, photography, dance, gardening, health and wellness, to name a few. We also offer themed tours such as a WWII Historical Perspective, Italian Renaissance Art, and Architecture.

Our Learning Journeys Family experiences can expand from class learning and offer an advantage on college applications. I look at it as an investment in my kid’s future while spending quality time together.


TRO: How are Perillo’s Learning Journeys and Perillo Tours associated?

CD: Learning Journeys is a brand of the historic Perillo Tours. As an innovator in the travel industry and a musician,  Steve Perillo understands the need to incorporate unique interactive experiences to deepen the travel experience.


TRO: Why is Perillo’s Learning Journeys a beneficial tool for travel agents?

CD: Learning Journeys will help Travel Agents to grow their business by offering innovative new products to FIT, multi-generational families, and ad-hoc special interest groups. Agents need to think outside of the traditional destination driven sales and focus on helping people to improve their lives by learning something new. In order to help agents become experts we have a Learning Journeys Certification program available for agents on our website


TRO: Which Perillo’s Learning Journey would you most highly recommend to travel agents?

CD: All of them! We offer custom FIT Learning Journeys for travelers who have a specific interest or area of study, Family Adventures, scheduled themed departures. We also offer custom journeys for special interest groups and corporate incentives such as executive team building, as well as conferences.

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  1. Ann says:

    Carol!! I know Carol! I was wondering where she landed. She started in the industry with me, as in, I did a lot of her training ;).

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