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5 Ways to Increase your Travel Agency’s Visibility – Attitude

Agencies that separate themselves from the crowd have an attitude about their mode of operation. You can spot their advertisements, their marketing efforts and their agents from a distance. These special agents and agencies take professionalism to a new level by asserting ownership over their domain. Great agencies take ownership of their clients, their work product and their specialties. “Ownership” in this context means control – these agents and agencies are in control of the relationships that surround their business endeavors.

Far too often, travel agent conversations sound victim-like. A client walked away with research. (Hurricanes, Mexican violence, the State Department….) is causing cancelations. The economy has dampened sales and prospects.

The agency that takes ownership of its practice carries an attitude of assurance. Knowing their value and the necessity of action, there is nothing passive about these agencies. Top travel agents spring into action when others withdraw, gathering mind and market share by marketing harder, contacting clients and pushing innovation in their craft. These are the agencies that are always in motion – training both their agents and their clients.

By adopting a pro-active attitude of ownership, you will find that clients respond to you differently. After all, you are the expert in the relationship. Your position vis-a-vis the market should be one of authority. Note this is far different from arrogance. Instead, your training, expertise and relationships should exude a quiet confidence. Clients will appreciate the opportunity to place their plans in such capable hands. They will talk to others about their travel agent, and the word will spread.

A little attitude, properly honed and polished, will make your agency’s market profile far more visible in your community.
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