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Experience Efficient Travel with StepMap

Maps are an essential part of every travel or tour guide. Yet, it’s either very costly or complicated or time consuming to create them. Mostly it’s a combination of all three. So either no Maps are used (imagine that – travel without a Map!) or costly and complicated software is used that only few and highly specialized designers can work with. StepMap offers a simple yet powerful Map Editor. It’s fully web-based and can be used by anyone to create customized Maps within minutes.

The Problem
If you want to visualize your tours today you are most likely limited to expensive and complicated software. Once it’s bought and installed, your colleagues require lengthy training to actually use. Single user licenses and costly updates add to the pain.The alternative: Graphic design agencies that create Maps for you. However, that usually requires a lot of coordination between your marketing and product team (who decide on the design and who actually decide what routes to show in each Map) and the graphic design agency – which in return makes the process time consuming and thus costly again. Also, the core knowledge is not kept in-house but a travel operator remains dependent on external graphic design agencies; hardly a long term solution.

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The Solution
The solution is simple, yet it seems not many have thought of it until now. Create a Map Editor that’s easy to use, fully web-based (works in every browser so you don’t need to download or install anything to get started) and allows full customization so your corporate design is embedded into all your Maps. With a few simple clicks you add locations, lines, symbols – and you’re done. The Maps can then easily be downloaded for either web or print purposes. Maps for your website can be interactive to engage a potential client even further. Maps for your catalogues can be exported in a high resolution, high quality print format. Also, all Maps are fully compatible with all mobile devices (e.g. iPhone or iPad). But best of all, you are in control. You and all your colleagues always have access to the Maps.

They can be edited and updated, downloaded or shared among your team to coordinate. And: You keep the expertise and knowledge in-house. You create your own Maps within minutes and save time and money – it’s as simple as that. StepMap went online in June 2009 and has since revolutionized the Map creating process for travel and tour operators.

Give it a try today – what do you have to lose? You will be surprised how easy it is” says Ole Brandenburg, one of the founders of StepMap and adds. Everyone who’s ever used StepMap has never gone back”.

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  1. Markus says:

    I have been a user and client for 3 years now (using the German version of StepMap). Best decision I ever made. The tool is easy to use and the support guys are really nice. Good to see them expand to the English speaking market!

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