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Finding Inspiration – Kids

This week we are discussing how to breathe (inspire) new life into your marketing. Where are new ideas born?  There are a few ways to pump new energies into your thinking and to generate some new ideas for marketing and growing your business, and today’s is remarkably simple.

Ask a kid – I kid you not. The more people you know ages 9 to 21, the more likely you are to learn something new about the spirit of your culture that can be used in shaping some aspect of your travel marketing. The Japanese call it “shoshin”, or “beginners mind”

“In the mind of a beginner there are many possibilities, in the mind of the expert, only a few.’

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Young people still view life’s rules as “suggestions” more than absolutes. Their perspective is not hemmed in by the demands of mortgages and time cards. They hear the pulse of culture booming in everything they do. From the time they can speak to the time they find themselves married, employed and thinking about their 401k, they are a wealth of creativity.

Need proof? Watch this:

Spend time around some young people and you are certain to hear something in almost every conversation that will surprise you.

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