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Public Relations Tactics – Buy Local!

You have seen the bumper stickers and the decals in store windows in your local community: Buy Local! You cannot miss the current trend urging people to buy from local businesses and to invest consumer dollars into their own communities. If you want to inject a bit of enthusiasm into your own public relations efforts, consider the possibilities of starting or involving yourself in a Buy Local campaign.

There may already exist in your community an organization dedicated to supporting local businesses. If so, get involved.  You will find yourself networking with other local companies and the owners of each of those businesses will appreciate your support and will likely be doing business with you.  If there isn’t an organization already in place, you have the amazing opportunity to lead the effort.  There are few ways to so certainly get the local media’s attention!

Try to involve the assistance of a good local PR firm, who can likely be convinced to donate their efforts.  A strong organizational name and logo will go a long way to assist with embedding the concept in the minds of your audience. Reach out to your Chamber of Commerce and see what assistance may be available to your effort.  Band together with other local businesses, connecting them to the campaign.  Create a mailer with everyone’s company branding and mail it to each company’s database.  In a short time your company’s brand will be associated in the minds of potentially hundreds of new prospective clients receiving the mailer.

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Consider organizing a local event where businesses in town have booths in a very accessible location where you can meet and greet the public.  You might consider partnering with a local farmer’s market as local growers are always actively involved in buy local movements.  Stress the importance of supporting local business as a type of community boosterism but more importantly as a way of investing in the community, supporting jobs and the local economy.

A well orchestrated buy local campaign has all of the proper elements sure to give your public relations efforts their best possible showcase.

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