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Control the Time Wasters

You know the type: they ask a thousand questions, take up your valuable time – and then disappear. The time waster never actually works with you, but is always willing to take plenty of free advice. I watch travel agents struggle with this type of individual continually. How do you control a time waster?

If a potential client won’t go right to the heart of a formal request of your services, then you should. In a friendly manner, directly ask the prospective client if they are looking for a travel consultant. Do not ask if they want to travel – the answer to that question is surely yes. Instead, go directly to your professional expertise. Develop a short, concise explanation of what you do and offer to meet with the client in a professional context. Explain that you would not dream of providing an “off the cuff” answer to his question because travel is such a personal matter and you make it a point to get to know your clients’ travel ambitions. If you are bold enough (and I hope you are) explain that you work on a retainer basis that is applied to the first trip the client books with you. Ask for their permission to email a client profile to them that they can review and that you can use to better assess their needs if they are interested in retaining your services.

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If the client indicates that they are not ready to travel in the near future, offer them a copy of your newsletter or brochure, or provide them with your web site address. Don’t be anything other than polite and professional, warm and friendly….and firm. You only have a few hours each day to build your practice. You would not waste a professional’s time yourself, so don’t let others waste yours.

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