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Explore The Natural Wonders Of Taiwan With The Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The comfortable weather in Spring is the most ideal season for traveling in Taiwan to enjoy the beauty of nature and outdoor activities. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been actively promoting its Ecotourism and LOHAS healthy lifestyle by introducing the concept of Green Travel. It encourages low carbon, LOHAS, eco-friendly ways to enjoy the unique scenic beauty, culture and people of Taiwan.

Taiwan harbors a wide diversity of organic life, and some variations are rarely found elsewhere in the world. For example, the black forest, similar to that in Germany, has vegetation dating back 30 to 60 million years, such as Taxus sumatrana, mangrove, Taiwan isoetes, and rare high-altitude grass plains. Taiwan is also the home of world’s oldest amphibian, the Formosan salamander, as well as the Formosan black bear, the Mikado pheasant and the land-locked salmon. Taiwan lies off the southeast coast of the Asian Continent, where the tropical and subtropical zones come together. The ideal climate between Fall and Winter, along with its unique geographical environment, allows Taiwan to be one of the most important rest stops for East Asian migratory birds. Resident and migrating birds sum up a total of 440 species. Additionally, of the 17,000 different species of butterflies are known around the world, Taiwan is home to nearly 400 species, around 50 of which are endemic to the island. This makes Taiwan one of the locations of some of the highest concentrations of butterfly species in the world.

Other than butterfly and bird watching, visitors can also enjoy the exquisite scenic beauty, such as beautiful azaleas, cherry blossoms, and maple leaves when visiting during Fall and Winter. If tourists are more inclined to experience this diverse animal and plant life, consider a visit to one of Taiwan’s national scenic areas, national parks or forests, nature reserves, or round-the-island trails. Taking a stroll or hiking through these destinations in Taiwan is like taking an immersive course in ecosystem in a living, natural classroom. According to Trust Lin, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Los Angeles, the Bureau has been making long term efforts in promoting a healthy, slow-living lifestyle and ecotourism to its tourists to practice and promote responsible travel. In addition to including LOHAS and Ecotourism into the Bureau’s annual 6 major tourism themes, it is also an ongoing effort to reinforce the infrastructure of round-the-island bike routes, support building the round-the-island hiking trail networks, and actively promoting LOHAS tours through providing low carbon travel choices which combine leisure activities and ecotourism. The Bureau also hosts many related activities, such as the Taiwan Cycling Festival and Caoling Historic Trail Silver Grass Season in order to practice energy-saving, low-carbon-emission green tourism.

Taiwan’s 9 national parks, including Yangming Mountain (Yangmingshan), Taroko, Yu Mountain (Yushan), Shei-Pa, Kending (Kenting), Kinmen, Dongsha Atoll, and Taijiang, are full of diverse ecosystems with rich natural resources, which earn themselves the name of “natural treasure-houses.” Trust Lin further explains that for those who love outdoor activities, a standard itinerary for a full outdoor experience in Taiwan begins with taking the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taichung and transfer to the local public transit system to Yushan National Park, where the tourists take the alpine grassland trail hike from Tatajia visitor center. Hikers can also experience the beautiful landscape of Sun Moon Lake by biking through the round-the-lake bike route after the famous Yushan trail, and then take a bus to Taipei to enjoy a soak in Beitou’s natural hot spring along with a relaxing foot massage at the night market after the full day’s activities. For visitors who love nature and outdoor activities, Taiwan is absolutely the perfect getaway from their hectic city lifestyle, where they can immerse themselves in the serene and tranquil natural environment.

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