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Find Your Next Flight With Trans Am Travel

Since 1980, Trans Am Travel has been the preferred supplier for travel professionals, offering competitive pricing with excellent service. Trans Am Travel provides discounted travel services to the travel agency community. Acting as a wholesale distributor for airlines, hotels, and tour operators, we provide travel agents the ability to purchase travel services for their customers at deeply discounted prices. We offer travel services to every major country in Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, the South Pacific, and within in North America.


While studying in Washington, DC during the late 1970’s, Pall Kapoor found opportunity in the purchasing and re-selling of airline tickets within his native Indian community. Pall discovered that this part-time means of servicing his community had potential for a full-time business. In 1980, Pall opened Trans American Travel (later changed to Trans Am Travel) in Alexandria, Virginia, servicing the Washington Metropolitan area. United Airlines was the first carrier to take a chance with this unknown company, providing Trans Am Travel with a Consolidator contract that initially consisted of discounted airfares for the Asia market. After successfully selling Asia, United Airlines awarded Trans Am Travel with additional contracts to more destinations worldwide. Today, not only is Trans Am Travel one of United Airlines largest Consolidators, they are also the only agency to possess all of United Airline’s Consolidator contracts which include Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific. Thirty years after it’s inception, Trans Am Travel is now partners with 38 different airlines, including SAS, British Airways, American Airlines, South Africa Airways, and many more. Through these different airlines, Trans Am Travel is able to offer discounted worldwide travel, both Domestic and International, through it’s more than 200 Consolidator contracts providing over 12,000,000 discounted net fares. Headquartered in Washington, Trans Am Travel also has offices located in Chicago and Los Angeles. Trans Am Travel provides low fares with quality service to over 14,000 travel agencies located throughout the entire United States.


Consolidation is a means of airline ticket distribution. Although a common practice within the industry, airlines restrict the amount of airline contracts to a select few to act as Consolidators for them. Consolidation began when airlines, wanting to attract more business from smaller cultural communities in the United States, needed a way to attract the traveler whom their mainstream marketing did not reach. Going directly to the source, airlines provided travel agencies in these communities with Consolidator contracts that allowed them to sell tickets within their communities at deeply discounted prices. With so of these communities located throughout the entire United States, airlines found it easier to contract one agency and allow them to sell the tickets to other travel agencies who desired deeply discounted fares for their customers. What started out as a means to attract a small group of customers has grown into a mass distribution system amounting to billions of dollars in revenue for the airlines each year. Today, Consolidators allow all travel agents a way to offer discount travel to their clients. We offer the same airline seat that other distributors offer at savings of more than 40%. Being one of the largest Consolidators in the United States, Trans Am Travel provides worldwide discounted travel to over 250,000 passengers annually.


  • “Customer first” philosophy
  • Professional, experienced staff
  • Personalized client relationship
  • Worldwide wholesale pricing
  • Database of 12 million+ net airline fares for both domestic and international travel
  • Abundance of worldwide partners
  • Accessible senior management
  • Member of the U.S. Air Consolidators Association
  • Professional, experienced staff (the average employee has worked in the travel industry for 15 years)
  • All 4 GDS (Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre, Worldspan)
  • Private (NET) fares on 50+ carriers
  • Provide Booking Engine for your website
  • Commission on Published Fares

There are over 3,500 travel agencies and 12,000 individual agents registered with Trans Am Travel. With 2 offices in the United States, in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., 80 employees worldwide, their call center in Mumbai, and sales managers in Chicago, Trans Am Travel is your one-stop destination for low air fares with great customer service, no matter which coast you’re on.

Trans Am Travel provides a competitive advantage through its customer-driven advanced technology solutions that optimizes travel agents needs. They make technology accessible and affordable to the greatest number of users, by delivering innovative, popular fare distribution systems that are easy to use. They have invested a substantial amount of resources in adapting the latest technology.

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