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From home based to office based, one year later

It’s been one year since I moved from being a home based agency owner to an employee of a brick and mortar agency. And, looking back on my decision a year later, I wouldn’t change a thing.

At some point you wake up and ask yourself “am I where I want to be? Am I doing what I want to be doing? Am I still passionate about my job?” The short answer to those questions is “Not really.”

I finally realized it was the right move for me when I was filing federal and state taxes and having to pay into the system yet again. I started crunching numbers and looking back. As a home based agent, by the time I paid my fees, marketing, association dues, expenses, taxes, etc., and factored in the number of hours I was working, I wasn’t really making a whole lot. I hated doing back office stuff including invoicing, commission tracking, and all that fun stuff. So, it made sense for me to move into an office and follow my passion.

It’s been a great decision. The agency I work for is one of the best in the area, if not the state. I work with some of the best agents in the business on a daily basis who are amazing and willing to help me when I ask.

But what’s even better is that I get to service my clients and not have to worry about all the other stuff that it takes to run a successful agency. I am learning about destinations and booking things I would never have dreamed about in my previous life sitting in my home office.

Sure, I have moved out of my comfort zone and stretched myself to new heights, but I have also grown both as a person and as a travel agent. Onward!

I think this quote sums it up nicely:

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –Jim Rohn

Mary Stephan is the IC Team Sales Leader for Preferred Travel of Naples.  Mary can be reached by email at or online at

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