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Know, I mean really know, your clients

When I purchased my home, I received an inexpensive bottle of white wine from my realtor. Nice gift? Not really. I have very specific taste when it comes to the wine I drink. Anyone who knows me knows I drink red and specifically Malbec. Not only that, I absolutely hate screw tops, which this one had. Needless to say, the bottle is on my wine rack unopened and collecting dust.

What does wine and travel have to do with each other? Plenty.

This is where really qualifying your clients and digging down into the nitty-gritty makes a lot of sense. You should be finding out what type of wine your clients drink, if at all. Drill down into their likes, dislikes, and interests. If they like to drink tea in the morning, find out their brand. Be specific in asking questions. Find out why they are traveling. Get to know everything you can about your client before you make a recommendation.

If you are going to gift something to your client, make sure it’s something they will like, use, and really appreciate instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust.
Know your clients and exceed their expectations, and you will have lifelong clients and referrals.

Mary Stephan is the IC Team Sales Leader for Preferred Travel of Naples.  Mary can be reached by email at or online at

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  1. Chris Alderson says:

    Dissing screw tops on wine bottles is pretty passe.

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