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The One Thing: Multitasking

“With research overwhelmingly clear, it seems insane that – knowing how multitasking leads to mistakes, poor choices, and stress – we attempt it anyway.”

The One Thing by Gary Keller, page 51


This topic has more flammability attached to it than a presidential debate at a bar at closing time.

People in the travel industry (and in all industries for that matter) feel incredibly overwhelmed and feel the necessity to keep a number of balls in the air at all times.

Click the book to grab your own copy of "The One Thing"
Click the book to grab your own copy of “The One Thing”

I have heard all the excuses and all ten thousand reasons for working on multiple assignments and I truly feel for you.

That being said, I must hold fast in my observation that the only person who feels better having practiced the difficult task of multiple doings is … nobody.

My definition of multitasking is “screwing up a number of jobs at once.” Nobody wins. Numerous people become upset. You take one more step toward the Looney-Bin, and worse yet, you risk losing both credibility and once valued clients all at once.

Focus is the word of the day, week, month and year. Focus is what it takes to avoids mistakes. Focus leads to making good choices while minimizing a debilitating stress quotient.

Leave the multitasking to the amateurs. Take one step at a time. Work on one itinerary at a time. Slow down. Do the right things right. Become more successful. Make more money. Stay in business.





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  One thought on “The One Thing: Multitasking

  1. cvanzile says:

    Focus is key – there is no question on this. However – multitasking is sometimes required – such as when you are on hold for an airline during a storm – sitting there for 45 minutes on hold and not picking up other work is a waste of time.

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