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Nothing happens until somebody sells something

Sales are the key to lots of things: customers are not customers until they purchase, businesses can’t grow without more sales, and your travel business profits can’t increase without new sales.

While these comments may seem very obvious, I hear all too often from travel agents that “they are not a salesperson”. They consider themselves a consoler, consultant, a group specialist, or cruise specialist.

I can tell you how to grow your travel business in one single word — SALES. And the best salespeople are great in a number of ways. They have super personal relationship skills and are good at building rapport. Also they provide superior customer service experiences that the customer can’t wait to tell others about.

My message is don’t shy away from being a salesperson. Embrace the sales process and your travel business will soar to new heights.

Sales are really a three step process:

  1. Establish rapport with your prospective client. Build the relationship.
  2. Listen to your customers’ wants and needs. Profile your prospects.
  3. Be passionate about filling their desires. Provide outstanding value and service with fast follow up.

It can be that simple.

I often say that people in relationships, and people who are married, are all in sales—we sell all the time. We sell our mates, family, friends, employees, co-workers all the time. We just don’t think of it as sales.

My follow up observation is that the difference between the people simply in relationships and those that are married is that the married people are closers… they close the sale.

And in the end that is the key. The closed sale. Up to that point we are nothing more than a good conversationalist.

Keith Powell is a renowned travel industry speaker and author.  Having crisscrossed the globe from Bangkok to Cannes, from Rio de Janeiro to Vancouver, Keith has presented before a vast array of audiences. Known as “The Business Revivalist,” Keith’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs grow professionally.   His book “The Transforming Power of Achievement” is available at Wanna see more?

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