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Social Marketing Habits You Can Adopt and Ditch This Fall

What’s so special about 21 days?

Experts say that’s how long it takes for us to form a habit. At the beginning of summer it sure seemed simple to fall into ‘easy livin’. Now that fall is nearly here, what social marketing habits can you start or reform? Which ones can you leave behind permanently? The start of a new season is a great reason to rethink some old habits to see if they’re still working for you.

New Habits to Form this Fall

Become a Content Machine! Create some amazing content; videos, graphics, and blogs. Your own unique content may be time consuming to create, yet you can use it in so many ways.

Here’s an easy content strategy you can copy.

  1. Write a new blog post every week. I know, it sounds crazy hard. Let’s break it down into bite-sized chunks.
    1. Pick your weekly marketing theme or travel tip and write a blog post about it; 200-400 words with some photos that will inspire your readers.
  2. Create a feature image that will render well on all your social sites. Check out tools like Canva and PicMonkey.
  3. Adapt that feature image into a long pin so you can share your blog on Pinterest.
  4. Change your email signature line and let readers know what you’re talking about socially and invite them to your social sites.
  5. Post your great new content socially; always linking back to your website and blog will maximize your SEO.

Become a Video Veteran!  Don’t be shy, grab your video camera on your next FAM trip or right in your office.

Go ahead, try this.

  1. Film a short video, showcasing your favorite travel tip or destination.
  2. Post your 40-60 second video to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook.
  3. Embed the video into your blog.

Accelerate your Advertising! Embrace the cool new ad features on your social sites.

How about:

  1. Creating a Canvas or Carousel ad on Facebook.
  2. Check out Instagram ads and develop them right on your Facebook ads platform.
  3. Dive into Twitter cards and reach a whole new audience.
  4. Video slideshows make amazing ads.
  5. Use the new features of Lead Generation ads on Facebook.
  6. Create highly targeted audiences who will love your content.


Reform & Retrofit these Habits

Are there some social marketing habits that just aren’t measuring up? With a bit of tweaking, you may find they’ll outperform your expectations.

Have you been using Boost Post on Facebook and not seeing results? Highly targeted audiences respond better to your ads and maximize your ad spend.

Reform that strategy and create:

  • Custom Audiences
  • Target Audiences
  • Lead Generation audiences
  • Then check out your ads Relevance Score

Ditch these Habits

Life is too short and fall is far too busy to keep up with some tasks that just aren’t serving you anymore.

Here’s a couple of things you may want to consider leaving in your past.

  1. The need to post on EVERY social site known to man. Simply focus on where your clients and ‘perfect’ clients hang out.
  2. Using more that 2-3 # (hashtags) in social posts.
    1. Research has found that Facebook posts with # may limit your reach.
  3. Using # on Pinterest serves no purpose as their search is by key word and not influenced by #’s.

Over the next 21 days as we move from summer into fall, I challenge you to shake up your routine and tap into new habits that will take your business to the next level. You can leverage your successes and leave behind some tasks.

How will you elevate your social marketing strategy in the next 21 days?

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