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Immerse Yourself in Local Asia with Super Value Tours

Super Value Tours, the number one seller of tour packages to Japan and Taiwan is an award-winning wholesale tour operator to Asia. They offer exclusive services and opportunities that are not available from other companies, or even to the independent traveler. They have worked hard to build relationships that are both sincere and gratifying with local restaurants, hotels, and sites to offer these deals to their clients. Founded on the idea that all aspects of a tour, from start to finish, should be of the highest caliber of quality and presented at a fair price, Super Value Tours goes the extra mile to make sure this is the case.

One of the many exceptional qualities Super Value Tours has is that they believe in doing things directly. Rather than contract their tours to third party operators, Super Value Tours designs and operates all of their tours themselves. By doing this, and having their very own land operations and expert guide team for each destination, Super Value Tours can guarantee a high-quality experience for their guests. No matter where you start on your bucket list of travels, Super Value Tours understands that time is precious; this is why they include only the most worthwhile places in their tours. They design their tours to overcome the barriers of traveling alone, and work hard to properly introduce you to the best of each location.
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Super Value Tours knows that having the best travel experiences is reliant on having access to new and fresh information only accessible by knowing a local destination. They painstakingly design their tours to include the best of the best; the sights, shops, and activities that you just can’t find on google! Not only do they work extremely hard to craft these tours for their visitors, but Super Value Tours also seeks the best ways to share the local culture with their tour guests, and immerse them in the beauty of the areas around them.

Super Value Tours takes pride in sharing enjoyable and authentic experiences; as one of the leading tour operators in North America specializing in deluxe escorted tours to Asia, they are genuinely proud of their product, and what they can give to their guests. From hand picking restaurants dating back generations with local specialties, to offering incredible hotels with impeccable service and an array of amenities, Super Value Tours abides by high quality standards. Their loyal, esteemed and savvy clientele reassure them that their services surpass even their highest expectations, and with over a customer service satisfaction rating of over 99% the company is proud of what they do. Be sure to plan your next trip to Asia with Super Value Tours and get culture and quality all in one.

For more information on Super Value Tours, please visit them online at or reach them by phone at 877-388-1777 (USA) or 877-688-7922 (CAN)

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