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Cruise New Caledonia’s Skies with Aircalin

For an airline who’s priority is excellence and customer satisfaction, look no further than Aircalin: the official airline of New Caledonia. Not only do they have services that extend to other countries, but Aircalin offers comfort and safety on board all of their flights.

Aircalin was founded in 1983, and has been progressing forward since the beginning; this airline company has continued to develop innovative ways to give customers the services they deserve, and remain a leading airline in the process. Aircalin believes that safety and security are the essential elements of quality standards; these standards, in turn, led to making Aircalin the airline company that it is today.

Although Aircalin is known as the International Airline of New Caledonia, it offers flights to an array of locations. Based out of La Tontouta International Airport in Nouméa, Aircalin services 22 international routes to 11 different destinations including Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Port-Vila, Nadi, Wallis, Futuna, and Papeete. Aside from offering a multitude of options, Aircalin fulfills a public service mission, operating daily flights between the islands of Wallis and Futuna using a 16 passenger Twin Otter aircraft.

Aircalin is a member of IATA and an IOSA certified operator, which means the airline meets the most stringent international standards for safety and reliability. Their fleet includes Airbus A330 (266 seats),  A320 (146 seats), and Twin Otter aircraft. To ensure the safety of their aircrafts, and the passengers using them, Aircalin has in place a regular audit of safety and security operations set up within the company; to guarantee maintaining and developing competence in the field of safety, salvation, and security Aircalin also has commercial personnel training and permanent flight technical support.
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Aircalin offers two different classes: Economy and Hibiscus class. Economy has been especially designed to offer a convivial and comfortable space for your travels. The iconic colors and landscapes of New Caledonia, the lagoon, and red earth set the atmosphere aboard the plane. Even the seat material, which was specifically designed for Aircalin, was inspired by the underwater lagoon view and yellow headed coral; these two features are well known to divers in New Caledonia. In Hibiscus class, a symphony of blue and grey reflects the luminous beauty of New Caledonia’s lagoons. Spacious seats, an array of audio and visual entertainment to choose from, and delicious full service meals are all part of the offerings of Hibiscus class.

Aircalin is an airline that strives to put the needs and security of their passengers first, and they do that, and so much more! To learn more about Aircalin, and their flight offerings, you can visit them at

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