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Travel Agent Diaries – The story of who we are

Every now and then I decide I need a new project, something to do in all of my spare time.  So I have a new project and, again, I’m inviting the travel professional community along for the ride.

TRO is putting together an anthology of travel agent stories for hard-cover print publication. We are looking to highlight the role of the travel professional and the role they play in the lives of their clients. These stories can be humorous or humanitarian, tales of terror or trial. Have you been a hero for a client? Have you had a client be a hero for you? What stories stand out in your career? What special trips have you orchestrated? What about travel have you seen change your life, your family’s life, the lives of clients?

Here’s the thing: we often become so preoccupied with the logistics of our business we forget the profound impact travel has on those with whom we come into contact. We ignore the way borders fall apart when we cross them with the proper attitude, the way we internalize outward experiences as we move toward and through destinations. The influence we have on our clients, and the influence travel has on us all, extends well beyond our photographs. We internalize our travel and then carry those impressions into the future with us. 

I think the Travel Agent Diaries will also provide the public with a glimpse into our profession they might otherwise not fully appreciate. I have often argued our profession is profoundly misunderstood by most of the public which wrongly believes we “sell travel.” If this project helps to clear up the misapprehension, I’ll be glad of the opportunity.

The Travel Agent Diaries anthology will give full credit to the travel agent authors. Our submission deadline will be January 30th and each story will be edited and provided to the travel agent author for final approval. Each travel professional author accepted for publication will receive a copy of the book.

If you are interested in participating please submit your article idea to with the subject line: Travel Agent Diaries.


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  1. Cate Caruso says:

    Love this idea! Great concept….count me or Richard!

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