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Hey! You Never Know.

I received an email recently from an old friend that brought to light two important business lessons. I would like to share them both with you today.

We had lost touch along the way and after a year of futile attempts trying to contact him, his email came in via LinkedIn. This is an online networking database based on the “who-you-know” theory of success.

In any event, once I received this notification I immediately called him. Voila, another friendship was renewed.

Lesson 1: Don’t allow old friends to drift away. Do what you can to keep in touch. An out-of-the-air email is often all it takes. Who knows why the separation and who cares. If this person means anything to you at all accept responsibility and make an effort to reconnect.

During our phone conversation my friend informed me he had a new job that paid very well. He shared with me that he spotted the ad in the morning paper thinking that this organization could never justify a man with his meager talents. For fun he responded to the ad and rest was history.

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For some of you who have been following my missives for the last few months, you might see how this man’s actions run parallel to my “Flyer Letter” attempt of having fun while growing a business.

As you may recall a Flyer Letter is a written idea stimulator designed to give the recipient something to think about. In most cases they are long shots but since you are not heavily invested in the idea, you have noting to lose.

Lesson 2: Send more Flyer Letters.

As the New York Lottery commercial clearly states, “Hey! You never know.”

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev freely shares his experiences, strategies and observations with travel professionals in an effort to keep them on top of their game. For a complimentary copy of his 12-Word Marketing Plan send him an email at mike@mikemarchev.com.

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