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Friendly Ghana with South African Airways

Along the coast of West Africa is the welcoming country of Ghana, its name meaning “Warrior King.” As one of the most stable countries in Africa, it is quickly becoming the perfect gateway to Africa for first time visitors. Tourism is steadily increasing, and there seems to be no slowing soon. Ghana is harmony between the diverse cultures that exist within its boundaries, a land of nature and humans coexisting.

The capital of Ghana is Accra. Located along the coast, where land meets the Gulf of Guinea, this southern city vibrates with the sounds of life and the people greeting each other with unhindered hospitality. Located in Accra is the Jamestown area. This area has a history of 17th-century British involvement, with worn down colonial buildings standing as a reminder of the time before Ghanaians gained independence on March 6th, 1957. With a whitewashed lighthouse to climb for a view of the city and coast, this is only one neighborhood that showcases why Accra is worth a visit. But don’t forget the amazing food and people to experience along the way.

West of Accra is Cape Coast. This fishing port city has beaches to lounge about and watch fisherman pulling in nets of fish. As beautiful as the scenery is, this area was once the hub of slave-trading in West Africa. The UNESCO World heritage site of Cape Coast Castle is a stark reminder of this time. Here, the traveler can see where Europeans kept the slaves in the recesses of the castle – later herding them onto ships bound for a life of labor. Also nearby is Kakum National Park. Featured in the park is a canopy walk that hangs almost 131 ft. above a rainforest floor, as well as trails winding along the floor.



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In the northwest of Ghana sits a completely different type of park, Mole National Park. Hailed as Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge, the animal-life and vegetation are located on savanna. The traveler can witness the resident population of 800 elephants, monkeys, warthogs, baboons, and antelope. Mole National Park is also different that other safaris, as the absence of predators allows the traveler to see the wildlife, such as elephants, on foot. Though, driving safaris are also available.

There is no doubt that the traveler interested in a journey to Africa will enjoy the lands of Ghana and the proud, hospitable people. That’s why South African Airways wants the agent to know that they are offering flights to this wonderful country. Ghana, the gateway to Africa, is ready to receive the traveler.


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