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Time For a Reality Check


 “I’ve lost my passion for this industry. I find myself feeling bummed-out and I seem to be spinning my wheels more often than not. I find myself questioning if I am in the right business.”

Have you ever felt like repeating the above passage?

I don’t expect this to make you feel any better, but I do want you to know that you did not invent this feeling. I think everybody reading this report can identify with a momentary loss of passion now and then. We go up… we come down. We feel good… we feel bad. We win… we lose. Life is a sign wave with our passion being tested along the way. There is no need to panic! The ride is often bumpy with all sorts of twists and turns. Half the battle is knowing that this is the way things are, and you are not about to change it.

I’m reminded of the game of golf. (Golf is a lot like business in many ways.) Golf is a tough game. Golf is a frustrating game. Golf is a game that tests our skills as well as our character. It is a game where luck often makes the difference. It is game of risk and reward.

When you hit a poor shot in golf you can be heard mumbling to yourself, “I hate this game.” After another bogus shot has you saying to nobody in particular, “This game sucks.” A third errant shot has you wondering, “Why did I ever take up this game?” And the rest of the afternoon doesn’t promise any relief.

When all of a sudden – out of nowhere, you strike the ball and it actually goes where you were aiming. It sounded good and it looked even better. The landing was a work of art. A pure shot, just the way it was outlined in Golf Digest Magazine on page 64.

And then what do you say? “I love this game.”


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The “game” of business unfolds in similar fashion. You find yourself asking yourself why you have elected to bang your head against the wall day after day without any relief in sight? There’s too much competition. Your sincere efforts come up empty time after time. Nobody seems to “get it,” besides you. You start to believe that the only smart thing is to throw in the towel… to give up. And just like in the game of golf, you will lose your passion for the business you are in and begin to doubt your chosen career path.

You didn’t invent this feeling of frustration and emptiness. You are in good company. But, just as in golf, all you have to do is to hit one pure shot and your world will be back on track.

For example: Go out and help somebody; get a new customer; feel appreciated. That’s all it will take to get you back on the horse and riding toward that next piece of business. Trust me. If you take the appropriate steps, you soon will feel exhilarated again. Business, like golf, is a great game once you know what you are doing.

So, when you feel like this, the answer is simple. Introduce a little positive activity into your routine. I said “positive” activity. Keep those wheels moving forward because you’re going to hit that pure shot in no time. And, once you do, you’ll realize that you’re in the right place… that you’re the right person… that you are in the right spot. Everything will soon be balanced again and working like a fine-tuned Swiss clock.

You heard it from me: We all experience slumps. The trick is not to overreact when you hit one. Better times will soon be on the way if you just keep swinging the club.


Mike Marchev

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  One thought on “Time For a Reality Check

  1. You’re right…as usual…in your keen observations about the travel industry.
    I say to clients as well as to the number of non-clients in the past 2 wks, “Well…if it’s not Legionnaire’s Disease, Bird Flu, a volcano blowing up in Iceland or NZ, an Italian cruise ship run aground, Ebola, Sars, Mers or Zika, it’s Covid-19. There’s always something to keep my work exciting!”

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