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Some of us are doing it right

Hopefully some of us were able to get some of that PPP money or the EIDL money to help out in this time of crisis. As I have mentioned before, right now is a critical time to make sure you are touching base with your clients. Not selling. Touching base.

Chances are, they are working from home and are likely looking for things to do and trolling emails for diversions. Give them one. And here is a perfect example from Annie’s Escapes.

Ann Petronio hits all the right touchpoints (paraphrased)!

  • Introduction—Hi, how are you? No one is traveling now so we are checking in on you as we shelter at home as well, just know that whenever we can resume, we will hit the ground running. We’re in this together. Let’s stick together.
Hello John,
How are you? I know we are living in very stressful times right now, so I wanted to use this month’s newsletter as an excuse to check in. I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy.
With much of the world adopting shelter-in-place protocols, it’s important that we put all travel plans on hold as a matter of public safety. We’re staying home right now and encourage you to do the same. When it’s safe to explore the world again, Annie’s Escapes will be there to help you hit the ground running! In the meantime, keep checking our blog, newsletters and social media for inspiration to distract you a little and uplift your spirits.
Please take this time to care for yourself and your loved ones, to keep dreaming of future trips, and to be kind. If you need anything — travel-related or just a friendly chat — you can always email or call.
Let’s stick together in these strange times.


  • Body—A blog post from a client on a Thailand honeymoon that Ann arranged. Another blog post about the Top 5 Places To Travel in the Fall, with the caveat that it may not happen.

Also in the body, she give some travel inspiration on being stuck at home. Links to great travel movies, a link to Travel + Leisure where tourist meccas are photographed eerily empty, and a list of diversions with AR trips, VR trips and more.

  • Closing—She asks her clients what they want. She offers up tips from working from home (since it is new to many but not Ann) to her slow cooker recipes!

In The Meantime

How Can I Help?

Would it lift your spirits to see travel-related content about where we can go when the world finally opens up again? Do you want me to weigh in with tips/advice about working from home (since I’ve been doing that full time for the last fourteen years). Or should I just share some of my favorite slow-cooker recipes 🙂

How can I help? Please shoot me an email, or give me a call!


I am not sure about her response rates are, but I bet they are through the roof.  The newsletter is simple. A fast read; and useful. But more importantly, when this travel stalemate breaks loose, who do you think recipients are going to call.

My recommendation this week… sign up for her newsletter and observe! You will definitely learn a thing or two.



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  1. Ann Petronio says:

    Awww. Thank you John! I should also share the credit with my marketing assistant, Liz, who helps me put the newsletter together every month. She rocks!

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