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Hey You, Dust Off That Personality That Has Been Dormant For 15 Months

Have you ever been to a party and “that guy” was there?  You know, the one that everyone gravitates toward. The one that has everyone laughing hard with his stories.  You know, the proverbial life of the party (LOTP)?  Maybe it’s you. If so, you’re lucky! If it is not you, I have some things to tell you. But be warned, it’s all about your travel business, not an alcohol-fueled neighborhood soiree. I will leave that for the true life of the party!

What makes the LOTP different?  It can be summed up in one word—personality. And personality will work for you and your travel practice as well. Practice it. Hone it. And excel at it and you will be attracting clients just like the LOTP does while swigging back a gin and tonic!

It is going to be especially important as we exit COVID to shake off that 15 months of being anti-social and living life in a pair of sweatpants. Get ready for it now, and you will be a step ahead when the time comes.  As a travel professional, your business and your personality must be infectious so that people will want to be near you. You need to be different. While it may seem difficult, here are a few tips:

  1. Smile on the phone. Yes, they can’t see you, but your smile will convey, nonetheless.
  2. When someone says, “how are you?” in a business setting, the only answer is “I am great!”
  3. If you are meeting a customer, don’t schlep up to them. Stride up with a purpose and offer a firm handshake and a genuine smile.
  4. Are they in your office? Stand up to greet them rather than sitting behind your desk behind a pile of papers.
  5. Did they put a deposit down on a trip? Of course, you will thank them but take it a step further. Get off your butt and out from behind your desk and walk them to the front door or even their car. Wave goodbye as they leave. What effect do you think that last impression may have? How about sending a thank you note–yes a handwritten one.
  6. Don’t let the details slip through the cracks. Are you contacting your clients at all the “touchpoints” during a transaction? Do you remember the name of the counter girl at the McDonalds where you got your last Big Mac? Of course not, because she did not leave an impression on you. Do not fall into complacency. Make that impression!

Every New Year, we make resolutions; but they usually fall by the wayside by mid-March. It’s not New Year’s Eve right now, but for our industry, it is—a fresh start. There is never a better time than the present to make that lasting impression on your next lifelong client—now go get ’em!


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