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Master These Ten Traits to Become Known For Over-The-Top Service

If you are looking to win the game of business, you must master three aspects of running that business. Product. Service. Price. Unfortunately, we have no control over the product in the travel industry. We have little control over the price. But we have absolute and total control over the service. So, how to make sure you are at the top of the game?  Here are ten ways to get there! (Relax, it’s a short read)

  1. Be a problem solver. Customers come to you to solve their travel issues.
  2. Make sure your client knows you represent them. Not the supplier.
  3. Be honest. Set the expectations; and then manage and exceed them.
  4. Apologize when you make an error and correct it. Leave the excuses to someone else.
  5. Listen. Remember the adage that we have two ears and one moth for a reason. Listen to your customers.
  6. Be upbeat. Travel is happy. No one likes a Debbie Downer.
  7. Learn from the past. We all have been around the block. Anticipate your customers questions and needs. They’ll think you are a magician.
  8. Be transparent. We hear the word all the time. Never try to hide something. It will always backfire.
  9. Speak and write clearly. Mistakes are easy. You meant the plane left at 7 AM?? Panama City—Florida or Panama?
  10. Be fast. We live in a world where can see a galaxy a million miles away with a few taps on our phones. When a client asks a question. Answer it. Fast.

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