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Big Ideas: Woulda, coulda, shoulda

A few years back, I was compiling articles for an e-book when I received a very interesting contribution from a woman in Tuscon, AZ.

By every measure, she was a successful businesswoman; and her contribution really resonated right to my core.

“One of the worst things that can happen to anyone entering old age is to look back over your life….with regrets.”

What you should’ve done and what you could’ve accomplished back when the opportunity was ripe is of little significance once that window of opportunity has vanished.

Today is today. That is your reality. What can you do today to make sure you remember your life with a broad grin?

What you should’ve done yesterday doesn’t matter. Quite literally, that missed opportunity is yesterday’s news.

What can you do today? Take a look around and find out what you can do to be sure when you look back on today, you can do it with that same broad grin. Did you read the TravelQuest article yesterday? You should.

This Harley Davidson commercial is one of my favorites. Gramps  is sitting on his front porch surrounded by rapt children as he tells of the roar of a Harley engine. Well, here take a look for yourself…

It doesn’t matter if you ride a Harley or buy aluminum siding. All that matters is that whatever decision you make today, you will be proud of it tomorrow. And with any luck at all, your experiences will keep your grandkids from running off to grandma.

Eliminate the “should’ves” and the “could’ves” and focus on your “done dids.” Make the rest of this year a period to remember. Then go out and make next year a real beauty.

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  1. Bill Lyons says:

    Simple but true. Just do it!

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