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On Your Own?

ASTA some time ago developed the terrific grassroots campaign “Without a travel agent you are on your own.” But what is the sound of one travel agent clapping? More and more travel professionals find themselves in positions where they are being asked to do more with less. Offices are being trimmed down in terms of staffing, or agents are moving home, losing the support and companionship of co-workers and the everyday interaction with other agents. Many agents have a sense of being on their own.

But you are not on your own. Hundreds, even thousands of other travel professionals have been where you are now. No matter what the circumstances of your particular situation, chances are very good dozens of others have gone before. You can find the assistance you need in the TRO Community.

Besides the free destination guides, epostcards and activity reports that TRO provides, our Community is a place where agents can interact on a professional level. We started the TRO Community to give bona-fide travel agents a place where they can share ideas, ask for help with research problems, get advice regarding suppliers and sound off about the industry. We even hire our own researchers to assist you when you need help with a project. All of this takes place in a secure, travel agent only forum.

The public has no access. Pseudo-agents have no access. The TRO Community is moderated and we do not permit negative or personal flaming. It is a secure environment for professional development. We encourage you to take a look, just to see how significantly it differs from any previously formed professional community.

When you first register, it will take a few minutes before you are given access as each registration is reviewed by our moderators.

The travel professionals who participate in the TRO Community also have access to TRO’s Business Coaching program and our No Limits Webinars.

Need assistance with a research project, advice about a supplier, a destination or just need to be heard? Give TRO’s Community an opportunity to help.

You are not on your own. Join us and participate with your peers.

This is my last column for the year. I look forward to a great 2012 for us all.

  4 thoughts on “On Your Own?

  1. Cory says:

    Hi Richard,
    GREAT message to end the year off with! I recommended the TRO forum to 100+ agents in Toronto last week looking for help using business social media – your resources are endless… thank you for providing a great portal of information for the entire travel agency community to participate in.
    Coach Cory

  2. Richard Earls says:


    Many thanks!


  3. One of the very best messages I have ever read in 34+ years in this industry – many thanks indeed Richard. I am so pleased that you are on face book as TRO – happy 2012 to you – Ken

  4. Richard Earls says:


    That is very gracious of you, many thanks.


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