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Are you guilty of poor service?

I was all ears recently when a neighbor began sharing stories about his driveway service at a party. He mentioned how he and his golf cronies spend much of their Saturday morning golf game sharing war stories about how their service providers are screwing up their lives. From lawn services to baby-sitters. From yelling matches to small claims court. You name it, they squawk about it.

Even though I don’t belong to a golf club, I don’t hire baby sitters, and my driveway is a fully functional slab of asphalt, I do consult with service providers who feel that the competition is getting too severe for them. My advice to them is always the same: “Get over it. There are people out there who need you.”

As a general rule service stinks today and the lousy service we receive is over-priced. This has, unfortunately, become the norm.


  1. Jesse James had it right when he told the judge he robbed banks “cuz that’s where the money iz”. You..go where the money is!
  2. There is a good chance that the people who hold the purse strings are not enthralled with their current situation. This is the case more often than not.
  3. But, if they don’t know you are alive, they will never find you. Get up. Get out. Get visible.
  4. If you are good, honest and hard-working, there is plenty of money out there for you.
  5. Stop whining…simply go out and earn it.

Saturday night’s soiree was a great evening. And I will say it again: interested and wealthy consumers are spending lots of time and energy bad-mouthing their current service providers but aren’t doing anything about it because they don’t know the other options. Or, worse yet, they are being driven to small claims court and wind up doing it themselves.

The opportunity looms large my friends. This happens to be more than simple lip-service. POOR SERVICE PREVAILS. Now go out a do something about it.

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