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6 tips for beating the travel blahs

You probably have never focused on it, but we are about to enter a period that is ripe for the “blahs”.

A slight depression can easily enter your life. I didn’t make this up. It happens every year. It may be a “star alignment thing” or just a “cold weather” thing. But it is for real.

If it does happen, don’t panic. There is no better way to fight negative thoughts than with positive “action”.

Your next good client is out there wondering where the heck you are hiding. Go find them. Go meet them. Go help them. You have five working days in a week to make a difference. What are you waiting for?

This week, let me offer you six suggestions for avoiding the “blahs” and for keeping some customers in your office!

  1. Write one letter to a person in your community who has made a difference. You can pick out this person from your morning newspaper. Acknowledge their contribution and invite them for a cup of coffee.
  2. Write a “Thank-you” note to one of your treasured clients.
  3. Write the opening paragraph for the article you have always thought about writing. Think about a catchy title — Example: “10 Travel Lessons I Learned From Watching Shrek.”
  4. Catch an employee doing something good this week and applaud them. Make a habit out of doing this. If you don’t have employees, applaud someone else’s.
  5. Pick one file or desk drawer and clean it out. You’ll feel better.
  6. Pick up a sales related book and read a single chapter. Highlight a single point that catches your imagination.

If you don’t like these suggestions, fill in a few of your own. The key is forward moving “activity”.  Are you in?

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Wanna know more?  Send me an email … mike@mikemarchev.com

  2 thoughts on “6 tips for beating the travel blahs

  1. Thanks for the reminder to find different ways to stay busy, Mike! It’s too easy to let the hours fly by doing silly stuff that doesn’t really build up my current or future business prospects but instead are things that just need done.

  2. Amy Schwartz says:

    Thank you Mike….its the kick I need….the blahs came early this year

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