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A Year of Content Ideas for your Blog or Website: Weeks 31 – 40

It’s Thursday and we are covering 10 more ideas for you to use as the basis for original content articles on your blog, website and newsletters.  However, don’t stop there!  You should use social media to further distribute your original content.  Tweet your articles, post them and share the content between your other in-house media.  Make the best and highest use of any content you generate to maximize the return from your hard-earned investment of time.

Be sure to also create an easily accessed and searchable archive of your content.  Once you have written an article, it is a shame to have it utilized for only a week.  Make good use of tags and other indexing features of your website or blog to ensure your content’s shelf life will be extended indefinitely.

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Today’s ideas:

  • Top ten lists – these are always popular.  Readers like the Top Ten Caribbean Beaches, ……Destinations in 2013, …..Hotel Chains for Business Travelers, ….. All Inclusive Resorts, etc.
  • My Travel History – Hey, you are the expert here.  How did you get into travel?  What got you started? What keeps you motivated? What do you love about what you do?  Where have you been?  What destinations are on your personal bucket list? Give your clients a glimpse at the passion you hold for travel!
  • Eating Street Food – I love this topic.  So many travelers are afraid to eat street food.  However, some of my own best travel experiences involve street vendors, their carts and the strange delicacies served hot off their griddle.  What to eat and what not to eat (hint – stick with hot cooked foods and stay away from salads!).
  • Staying Healthy When Traveling – a great follow up to the article above.  So what are the best tips for staying healthy when traveling?  What can I eat and where should I eat? Can I have ice in my drink? What medicines should I take along? At what point should I consult a doctor? How do I pick a doctor in a foreign country?
  • Staying Safe When Traveling – What are the Do’s and Don’ts when traveling?  What about hotel safety? New friends? Unattended drinks? Locked Doors?  Unfamiliar parts of town? Experienced travelers know the ropes but your clients may not.
  • Weekend Getaways – not every trip involves a week out of town.  In fact, there is a growing trend to three and four day holidays.  So where should I go? How should I pack? How can I find the best values? How far ahead should I plan?
  • Respond to another article – Pick up a copy of USA Today or other online media and find an article you can explain, agree or disagree with earnestly! Offer a fresh perspective to the article as a travel professional.  Use other articles as a launching pad for educating your clients.  If an airline or tour company declares bankruptcy, explain the process to your clients, recommend the use of credit cards and show them how to protect themselves! Demonstrate your professionalism and concern for clients’ well-being. Explain what the topic means for the industry and why it matters to consumers.
  • Explain Value – Your clients think in terms of cost.  However, you know what is most important is value.  Certainly clients have a budget, but if they are fixated on cost then they will always be looking for cheaper rather than better. Do yourself and your clients a favor and write an article on the how cost is just a component of value and how you work to find great values. Compare and contrast a “cheap vacation” with a great value!
  • Write about a client – Have a client that just had a 50th anniversary?  That’s a story.  A client that just completed their 10th cruise?  That’s a story. A client that went to Norway to research their roots?  That’s a great story.  Interview the client and demonstrate the great travels they have accomplished under your guidance.
  • Festival Watch – There are so many amazing, colorful festivals and events worldwide. Running of the bulls in Spain, Christmas Markets throughout Europe, Carnival everywhere! Three to four months ahead of major festivals write an article and research some terrific values for those wishing to attend.  My next festival?  I want to go to the Puck Fair in Ireland!

You now have a minimum of 40 weeks of articles! Tomorrow we will wrap up with the final 12 weeks of articles for the year.

  2 thoughts on “A Year of Content Ideas for your Blog or Website: Weeks 31 – 40

  1. Sarah Bauman says:

    Eating street food is always good. Come to Portland and try all of the food carts, it’s like dining around the world, and you only need to travel a block.

  2. kathy hoffman says:

    Love this site & all the info! Using for all our hootsuite blurbs. Helps remind me of all the travel stuff in the last 35 yrs which I have forgotten! Turn yourself into a Travel Star for your readers! Thanks much.

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