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Attitude Adjustment: Part Three

Take Responsibility of Your Attitude and Your Future

If you don’t make it happen, chances are nobody will. You must make it your business to grow your business. Not assuming responsibility for what happens in your career, week, day or sales call is a mistake.

The outcome of your sales career is entirely up to you. That is one of the beautiful things about sales. Your hands are on the controls. Your future, for the most part, lies entirely with your power. You set the pace. You plan your day. You make the calls. You take the credit. You take the hits.

Take responsibility for your success and failures. No excuses.

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A few years back at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, Alberto Tomba (the reigning downhill skiing superstar, at the time) was expected to take the Gold. His style was to pull out all the stops and “go for it”.

But at Nagano, he didn’t make the Medal Stand; he didn’t even make it down the mountain. When asked by a commentator what happened, the interview was short, sweet, and to the point—no excuses. He simply replied, “I fell.” He didn’t win the Gold Medal, but I remember Tomba’s reply and nothing about the guy who actually placed first.

Too Little Competitive Spirit

Try to follow my logic here. if we were to play tennis and just short of taking your first serve I declared you the winner, you would feel, somewhat, unfulfilled. Likewise, if we were going to play golf, and I declared you the winner on the practice putting green, I don’t think you’d relish the victory.

Then, why ask if sales people want to accept victory before they have had the chance to earn it? Competition is what makes “the game” worth playing.

I am reminded of another interview. this one was between Howard Cosell (the lawyer turned commentator) and Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder (the famous odd maker). Howard asked Jimmy what he enjoyed best in life. Jimmy quickly responded, “Howard, I like to win.” When Howard followed with what “the Greek” liked second best, Jimmy responded just as quickly with “Howard, that’s an easy one. I like to lose.”

Here was a man who took pleasure in playing the game…who enjoyed the action. Win or lose, it was the competition that brought Jimmy to the game.

Here’s the winning competitive mentality for you to cultivate. Know the rules of the game. Know that you honestly can’t win them all, but learn to enjoy the process of selling. This will ensure a healthy competitive spirit, resulting in your fair share of wins as your career unfolds.

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